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Z Chocolat Review


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z chocolat reviewWho doesn’t love chocolate?  OK, my sister doesn’t, but she’s kind of unusual in that way.  Most people like chocolate, and they like it a lot.

The chocolate that we consume most of the time, while tasty, is actually pretty mediocre as chocolate goes.  In order to make most consumer-grade chocolate affordable, manufacturers add chemicals and fillers and turn what could be an out-of-this-world delicacy into something that’s merely adequate.

Z Chocolat, a company based in France, is taking a better approach.  They treat chocolate like the fine luxury item it should be, creating handcrafted chocolates in 26 varieties and packaging them in exquisite, custom made boxes.

If you’re a fan of chocolate and you’ve never treated yourself to it when it was properly prepared, you’ll be astonished at what Z Chocolat can do for your palate.

Read on for the full Z Chocolat review.

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Z Chocolat Overview

The company is based in France, and that is where they make all of their chocolates.  The man in charge of creating these delicacies is Pascal Caffet, and he literally has spent his entire life creating high quality chocolate.  It’s his job and his passion.

While the chocolates are made in France, they do have an office in the United States and they ship all over the world for a price that is actually quite reasonable.

In their online store, you’ll find 26 varieties of chocolate – each with its own distinctive character, flavor, and in many cases, filling.

You can purchase assortments, entire boxes of just one kind, or you can pick and choose and select an assortment yourself.  There’s a page on the Website that describes each of them in detail, making it easy to find something that’s perfect for your palate or that of your loved one.

You’ll be pleased to know that 25 of the company’s 26 chocolates contain no animal fat, and most of them (all but 4) are gluten-free, as well.

Each piece of chocolate is embossed with the company’s “Z” logo.

But it’s the packaging that makes the wares truly stand out.  We’ve all seen those sampler boxes of chocolates from the mall that come in flimsy boxes, and if you’re buying run-of-the-mill chocolate, that’s what you can and should expect.

At Z Chocolat, it’s different.  They have three distinct groups of boxes that are designed to protect the contents but also to present themselves as attractive decorations for your home.  These are chocolates that you would be proud to give as a gift, and ones that anyone would be delighted to receive.

The Collections

Z chocolat romantic adonis
Romantic Adonis collection

The Zbox Collection is a stark, black and white packaging that is designed to redefine what it means to see chocolates in a box.  Each black and white Zbox comes in a black cotton pouch with a drawstring.

The Mahogany Collection takes things a step further.  It’s not just a clever name; the Mahogany Collection consists of boxes that are literally handcrafted from fine mahogany wood.  These come in a variety of sizes, ranging from a small one that holds only two pieces of chocolate to the “Ambrosia” box that holds 168 pieces.  This box has a beautiful hinged lid and multiple drawers to keep you entertained.

The Chamelon Collection is interesting in a different way.  These wooden boxes are can be customized.  You can engrave an inscription directly on the box via laser cutting.  You can also have a custom photo attached to the box, if you like.  The Chamelon Collection packages are perfect for special occasion gift giving.

If you really want to pull out the stops, the Z Chocolat Extraordinaires might be perfect.  These are huge, oversized chocolates, with one shaped like a diamond and one shaped like a heart.  The heart weighs over a pound, and is packaged, by itself, in a beautiful wooden box.

I’ll let them describe it:

My Heart – The most romantic present: a voluptuous heart made of half a pound of pure love – and chocolate featured inside a mahogany box inlayed with the key to your heart. Its smooth, sensual exterior is comprised of resonant 70% Venezuelan dark chocolate. Within, resides a supreme praliné, studded with slow-roasted, caramelized Piedmont hazelnuts – saturated in unctuous, aromatic 40% Ivory Coast milk chocolate.

z chocolat my heart
My Heart

It’s truly something to see.

Finally, if you’re just not sure what you want, but you know you’ll likely want lots of everything, the Extraordinarires Collection includes 550 pieces, comprising every type of chocolate that they make.  It’s not for everyone (or for everyone’s wallet,) but if you want to make sure that you’re not missing out on anything, it’s a good choice.

The wooden boxes are nice, but what if you just want refills?  That’s not a problem.  You don’t have to buy an engraved mahogany box every time you order.  They can easily arrange to sell you just refills and when they arrive, you can place them in the box you received last time.

Concierge Service

If you aren’t sure what you want, and you need help shopping, Z Chocolat offers a concierge service.  They’ll help you pick out what you need and help you every step of the way with ordering and delivery.


Shipping is quite reasonable.  They ship to 244 different countries around the world via DHL.   Their rates are currently €18.00 for up to five items delivered to one address.  That’s about $21.  Each additional item is about $6.

For summertime shipping, the company uses special insulated packaging to ensure that your chocolates arrive safely.

They also ship packages without an invoice inside, so they’re perfect for gift giving.  They can arrange for having a card included with the package or a heart combination padlock, or any one of a number of other special items for those who want to give romantic gifts.

In fact, they have an entire Romantic Collection for giving for those special occasions.


As you might expect, the chocolates are not inexpensive.  That doesn’t mean that they cost a fortune.  Prices will vary widely, depending on the number of pieces that you order, the packaging (mahogany boxes add quite a bit to the price) and whether or not you’re ordering gigantic pieces such as the 1 pound My Heart.

For the most part, you can expect to pay about $2-3 per chocolate for assortments of at least a dozen pieces, plus shipping.  Special packages cost more, but in general, the larger the assortment, the less they cost per piece.

Z Chocolat Summary

If you like chocolate and you want to treat yourself or someone you love to some of the best chocolate the world has to offer, you should definitely take a look at Z Chocolat.  They offer a great selection, their packaging is second to none, and they’re dedicated to providing great service, too.

All in all, it’s hard to go wrong with Z Chocolat if you’re a fan of fine chocolate.

Click here to visit the Z Chocolat Website.

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