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Wallbarz USA Review


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wallbarz usa reviewKids are great, but one problem most moms have with their children is keeping them occupied doing something that’s good for them, rather than spending their time watching TV.  Ideally, they’d be outside getting some exercise and play time, but in the winter, that can be difficult if the weather is poor.

One great solution to keeping your children occupied, happy and healthy comes from a company called Wallbarz USA.  They make indoor gym equipment that you can set up in a playroom or bedroom so your kids can have fun and get some exercise indoors.

Seems like a good idea to me, and the Wallbarz USA equipment is both well made and relatively affordable.

Read on for the full Wellbarz USA review.

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Wallbarz USA Overview

Wallbarz USA is based in Brooklyn, New York, and they have been making playground equipment for the past 15 years.  Their primary experience is in making outdoor playground equipment, but they’ve now introduced an interesting line of products that give your kids something interesting and fun to do inside the house, provided, of course, that you have a bit of room to set up the equipment.

Fortunately, it’s easy to do.

Their site offers about a half a dozen (so far) pieces of indoor gym equipment.  With this gear, your children can:

  • Climb ladders
  • Climb ropes
  • Climb rope ladders
  • Hang/swing from gymnastic rings

wallbarz usa gymThe equipment is made from sturdy steel or wood, and some models are all wood.  The models they have for sale offer a bit of variety and a wide range of pricing, making it easy for you to pick a unit that will offer activities that are suitable for your own children, as well as suitable to your wallet.

Each unit comes with free shipping in the United States, and it will arrive at your door ready to assemble.  Fortunately, assembly is quite easy, and it does not require that you use any screws, nails or anchors in order to fasten the gym to your walls, ceilings or floors.

According to the Wallbarz USA Website, setup for their units should take less than two hours, but it will likely take far less than that for most people.

You do need to check the specifications for the unit you need to buy, as each model has its own specific minimum and maximum ceiling height.

Most units will likely fit most ceilings in the average home, but it’s best to check.

Then the question becomes, which unit do you buy?  At the moment, there are six different home play gym models available:

  • Woodsy – This colorful unit takes up a minimum amount of space while still offering several climbing and play options.  The all-wood unit includes a wooden ladder, a rope ladder, a climbing rope and a pair of gymnastic rings.
  • Family – This is rather like the Woodsy, though a bit smaller and made from metal.  This unit includes a climbing ladder, a pull-up bar, a climbing rope and gymnastics rings.
  •  Jungle Dome – This colorful unit looks like the most fun, but it’s also the most expensive.  It includes two different metal ladders, one made from C-handles, a climbing/swinging rope, and a pull up bar.
  •  Nets – This one looks like fun, too.  This unit is designed to hug close to the wall and includes a climbing net, gymnastic rings and a climbing rope.  It’s wide enough for several children to use at once.
  •  Transformer – This model gives you a chance to play on each end of the unit.  There’s a climbing ladder in the middle and a climbing rope on one side.  On the other side is a pair of gymnastics rings.
  •  Woodgym – This one is probably best suited to adults, as it offers few features that might interest children.  It has a climbing ladder and a pull-up bar.

wallbarz usa indoor playgroundNearly all of the units listed above had customer reviews on the Wallbarz USA Website, and all of the ones I read gave the units 5 stars and raved about the build quality and the ease of assembly.  That’s great as you really don’t want to pull dozens of parts out of the box and then struggle to assemble the gym while your children stand by impatiently wondering when they’re finally going to get to play.

Pricing, Payment and Shipping

Given the high quality of the manufacturing and the fact that many of the parts of the products are made from actual wood, the pricing at Wallbarz USA is quite affordable.  At present, the units range in price from about $349 to $899.  This price seems to include shipping, though there’s no specific mention of free shipping on the Website.  I just put an item in my cart, added my zip code and checked to see how much shipping would cost and the shopping cart said that it was free.

If that’s the case, it’s quite a bargain, as these units are quite cumbersome and look as though they might cost quite a bit of money to ship.  Shipping is done via UPS Ground service.

Payment can be made through several means.   You can pay directly via credit card (the Wallbarz USA Website is secure), or you can also use either PayPal or Amazon Pay.  That’s up to you, as all methods will allow you to check out in just a couple of minutes.

Wallbarz USA Summary

Wallbarz USA seems to fill a somewhat unique niche in the market.  There’s plenty of outdoor gym equipment for sale here and there, and if you live in a place that has good weather all year long and you have a large yard, then that might be a good option for you.

On the other hand, if you live in an area where there’s actual winter, or you live in an apartment or some other place that doesn’t have a yard, you’ll be looking for an indoor solution where your kids can play and get some exercise.

Wallbarz USA offers that, and they have some well-built, colorful, attractive equipment that should keep your children busy for hours.  The shipping is free, the assembly is quick and easy, and you won’t need to use screws, bolts, or anchors to fasten the equipment to your walls or ceiling.

If you’re looking for some indoor fun for your children, Wallbarz USA has some good, affordable solutions.

Click here to visit the Wellbarz USA Website

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