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Vremi Review


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vremi reviewIf you have a home, there are certain tools that you’re going to need to have around.  We’re talking about gadgets for the kitchen, tools for your garden, and things that make other household tasks easier, such as laundry tools.  You can buy basic tools that will do the job just about anywhere, but do you really expect to get the best results from tools you bought on the discount rack at Wal-Mart?

Vremi is a company that specializes in offering tools for your kitchen, your home, and your garden that make your life easier.  But they don’t stop there.  They also offer tools that are eye-catching and colorful and, as they put it, “a bit of fun.”

Sounds great, so I thought I’d take a look at the Vremi site to see what sorts of things they offer.

Read on for the full Vremi review.

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Vremi Overview

Vremi measuring cupsVremi was founded by people who love what they do and who think that every tool or gadget you have in your home should have its own personality.  They’ve done their best to make their products attractive and diverse, and they even have clever names for many of their gadgets (“Pardon My French Press”), which adds to the fun.

The company’s products originally centered around the kitchen, and they still offer more kitchen gadgets than anything else.  They’ve since expanded their product line, however, and offer products for the entire house as well as your garden.

On the Vremi Website, you’ll find products for:

  • Cooking – Baking and Cookware
  • Kitchen – Gadgets and Tools, Kitchen Essentials, Knives & Cutting Boards
  • Serving & Entertaining – Drinkware, Wine & Barware, Dinnerware
  • Small Appliances – Coffee Makers and Toasters
  • Garden

The cooking and kitchen gadgets at Vremi emphasize utility and color.  The “Fliptastic Four Spatula Set,” for instance, includes four useful spatulae, each in a different size and each in a different color.  The “Disco Baking Inferno” set includes six assorted nonstick baking pans to let you bake just about anything you’d want to bake.

Vremi knife setKitchen gadgets include The Big Apple Peeler, which is a huge device for peeling apples in a hurry.  The Senor Smash Avocado Tool, which lets you slice an avocado in half, remove the pit, and scoop out the inside, all with one handy and colorful tool.

Drinkware includes pitchers and infusers, along with a good assortment of bar and wine tools.   The Appliances section is fairly small, including a couple of coffee makers and a toaster, but the retro-looking Pop! toaster is quite affordable and has 289 5 star reviews.  It’s hard to go wrong with that!

The Just Beat It! Hand Mixer is stylish and affordably priced, and comes in four different colors (red, pink, blue, and black.)

Color is a big part of the design at Vremi.  So much so, in fact, that if you click on the “shop” link on the home page, you’ll not only get a list of categories for their store, but you’ll also be able to shop by color.  There’s a color palette on that page, and you can simply pick the color you like and the Website will show you all of the products that Vremi offers in that particular color.

That makes it easy to accessorize your entire home with matching tools and appliances.

Vremi Pricing

Vremi cookwareDespite their attention to design, function and color, you’ll find that the products at the Vremi Website are quite affordable.  They have more than 100 gadgets in stock, and they range in price from $6 for the aforementioned avocado slicer to $125 for their Masterpiece Dinner Ceramic Cookware set, an 8 piece set that includes a small Dutch Oven, a large Dutch Oven, a casserole, two frying pans, and lids for all.

Of course, the pricing becomes all the better once you realize that all of those prices at Vremi include free shipping!

Vremi Features

There are a few nice things about shopping with Vremi:

  • Secure Website – The Vremi site is secure (https:) which means that any data you enter on the site, such as when you fill out a form, is sent encrypted over the Internet.  This makes it far less likely that anyone will intercept your payment information.
  • Easy payment options – When you shop at Vremi, you’ll have the option of paying by Visa or Mastercard.  You can also pay via Amazon Pay, which can make it quite easy to check out if you have an Amazon account.  They don’t offer PayPal, which was a bit of a disappointment.  Perhaps they’ll add that soon.
  • User accounts – While you don’t have to create a user account with a username and password at Vremi, doing so can make it much easier to check out the next time you want to buy something.
  • Blog – The Vremi blog includes kitchen tips, recipes, and seasonal decorating ideas.  Ever thought of making a bacon, lettuce and tomato dip?  They’ve got a recipe for one…
  • 30 day guarantee – Vremi is pretty sure you’re going to love the things you buy from them, but just in case you don’t, everything they sell comes with a 30 day moneyback guarantee.  It’s hard to beat that.
  • FREE SHIPPING! – Yes, Vremi offers free shipping on everything they sell.  They do not yet offer any express shipping options, but they’re working on that.  On the other hand, the free shipping makes checkout easier, as there’s nothing to choose or think about at checkout.  “Free standard shipping” is the only listed option and it’s checked by default.

On the downside, Vremi currently offers shipping only within the United States.  They hope to add international shipping soon.

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Vremi Summary

You can buy kitchen gadgets and household tools just about anywhere.  But why make do with whatever tools are available when Vremi offers job-specific tools that are designed well, attractive, affordably priced, and come with free shipping?

That’s a great combination and as Vremi offers more than 100 different tools that are all useful and affordable, it’s easy to load up your shopping cart with a dozen different items that could make your life easier while making your kitchen, home or garden just a bit more attractive.

Click here to shop at the Vremi Website.

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