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TV Store Online Review


TV Store online reviewAre you a fan of any particular television program?  Big Bang Theory, perhaps?  Or Dr. Who?  Or a fan of movies or comic characters?  If so, you might be interested in buying t-shirts, sweaters, hoodies or caps related to your favorite show or movie so that people will know you’re a fan of Breaking Bad or the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

But where do you go to buy that sort of thing?  You could go to eBay and search around, I suppose, but why not take a look at TV Store Online instead?  They say that they have hundreds of items related to all manner of popular culture, so I decided to take a look and see just what they have available there.

I was surprised at the depth of their merchandise – they have a lot of stuff.

Read on for the full TV Store Online review.

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TV Store Online Overview

TV Store Online is what the name suggests, but it’s much more than that.  Yes, the site features all kinds of merchandise related to TV shows, that range from 24 to Happy Days to Agents of Shield to Star Trek.  I counted more than 100 different shows in the menu, and I’m not sure that menu was complete.

Most of what they sell is t-shirts, sweaters and hoodies, but they’ve also got caps, hats, pajamas, dolls, costumes, stickers, lunchboxes, and more.

The name doesn’t really do the site justice, either, as they have a lot more than just TV-related merchandise.  In fact, they have a similar amount of merchandise relating to movies, comic books, music, games, and just about anything related to popular culture.


The company was founded in Michigan in 2004, and they’re one of the Web’s leading purveyors of merchandise that is exclusively related to popular culture.  If it’s something you can read, watch, or listen to, they probably have a t-shirt, cap or costume related to it.

Everything is fully licensed, too, so you won’t have to worry about being arrested for wearing some cheap Asian knockoff Big Bang Theory t-shirt.  It’s all legit.

They ship just about everywhere, so no matter where you live, even outside the United States, they can ship it to you, provided that the license for the specific item you’re interested in buying doesn’t prohibit shipping it to your country.

Here’s a nice tip – shipping on orders over $50 is free, too.

For payment, the site accepts Amazon Pay, PayPal, and most major credit cards.

Returns are easy, and they’ll accept returns on items for 15 days from the time of purchase.

Shopping is easy; you just pick the broad category if items that you’re interested in (movies, TV shows, comics, music, games, or costumes) and you’ll get a pulldown menu so that you can search a bit deeper.

The TV Store online TV Show section features merchandise on more than 100+ TV programs.  The movies section features merchandise relating to more than 85 movies.  Their comics section features t-shirts and more for more than 30 different comics.

Their costumes section has literally hundreds of different costumes for sale.  Sure, Halloween only comes once a year, and as I write this, it has just recently passed.  But you never know when the occasion may arise where you might need to dress like someone from Sons of Anarchy or like one of the Rockford Peaches from A League of Their Own.  Yes, they really have that costume!

In the TV section, they have a lot of merchandise related to The Big Bang Theory, including an interesting section called “Shirts Sheldon Has Worn.”  That section alone has nearly 50 t-shirts, all of which are shirts that have been depicted on the show.

There’s also a sale section at TV Store Online, with hundreds of items that are discounted to prices that are well below their regular list price.

If you’re a regular visitor to the site, and you might want to be come one, there’s also a “What’s New” section that shows off merchandise that has just been added to the site.  There’s also a “Trending Now” subsection of the “What’s New” section that shows you the items that are currently hot and popular.

A section of the store that is getting a lot of prominence right now is their “Ugly Christmas Sweaters” section.  You might get tired of wearing the same old Christmas sweaters, but here, you’ll find some pretty amazing (and amusing) sweaters that will definitely be the topic of conversation if you wear them to the office Christmas party.

The site is perfect for holiday gifts, too, as they have merchandise in a wide variety of sizes and colors and items that are suitable for anyone.  If you’re not sure what that special someone might want as a gift, you can just buy a gift certificate for them.

You won’t go broke, either, as their merchandise is surprisingly affordable.  I saw sale items for as little as 79¢, and while the most expensive item in the store was $199 (a Sons of Anarchy leather jacket,) most items are priced in the $20-$30 range, and keep in mind that the shipping is free on orders over $50.

TV Store Online Summary

Obviously, the clothing that you’ll find for sale at TV Store Online isn’t suitable of all occasions.  We’re talking about after-work shirts, hoodies, caps and costumes, but they’re suitable for any fun occasion.  They have literally thousands of items relating to just about any popular TV show, recent film, comic book hero, musician, or popular video game you can think of.

They offer a great selection of colors, sizes, prices and some of their costumes are hysterical.  If you’re a fan of TV, movies, comics, or just popular culture in general, I think you’ll really like what you’ll find if you pay a visit to TV Store Online.

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