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Site: reviewEverybody seems to love animals, but real ones are often a lot of trouble to own and maintain.  Stuffed animals, on the other hand, are attractive, comfortable to the touch and can still listen to you when you need to complain about what’s wrong with your day.

Choosing a stuffed animal can be time consuming, and finding one that’s “just right” can take time.  Fortunately, has just the solution, as they have more than 5000 different stuffed animals in stock.  It’s all they sell and when stores specialize, they can often show you lots of interesting merchandise that you might not find just anywhere else.

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Click here to shop at the Website (new window) Overview isn’t just a clever name; stuffed animals and accessories are the only thing they sell.  Because they specialize, they’re able to offer good prices and a larger-than-average selection of stuffed animals, ranging from keychain sized to bears more than four feet tall. large is based in Newhall, California, which is just north of Los Angeles.  Their site is easy to navigate, and their online store is divided into a number of sections that makes it easy to find what you want:

  • Stuffed Animals A-Z
  • Extra Large Stuffed Animals (larger than 28″ tall)
  • World’s Softest Stuffed Animals
  • Teddy Bears
  • Dogs
  • Cats
  • Accessories
  • Clearance
  • Shop by Brand
  • Ty Beanie Babies
  • Items for Babies
  • TV & Cartoon Characters

That makes it easy to find what you like.  The most popular stuffed animals are bears, dogs and cats, to they’ve been given their own categories.  Bears dominate, as you might expect, but you’ll also find dolphins, giraffes, monkeys and a number of other stuffed animals that you might not ordinarily expect to find or even think to look for!

Here are a number of reasons why you may wish to pay a visit:

  • More than 5000 different stuffed animals in stock
  • They ship from their own warehouse and not from a dropshipper or manufacturer
  • FREE SHIPPING on orders over $65 and $5 shipping on smaller orders.
  • Free coupon book with every order.
  • Live customer service (they call it “Stufftomer Service”) via email, phone or online chat.
  • Items are bagged and sealed and will arrive fresh at your door.
  • Orders are all packaged in new boxes using gift tissue.
  • In stock items usually ship the same day as you place your order. giraffeFree shipping is always a bonus, as most people hate to pay for shipping.  Many of the items in the store will qualify, though you’d be surprised at how affordable the toys at are.

Prices range from a low of about $3 for small keychain-sized toys to about $200 or so for some of the larger stuffed bears.  As you only need to spend $65 to qualify for free shipping, even a couple of smaller toys would allow you to qualify.

There are two other things about that make the site particularly interesting:

  • StuffedPoints rewards program
  • Stuffed Animal Hospital

Each time you make a purchase from, you’ll receive what they call “StuffedPoints.”  The sales page for each item for sale indicates the price of the item, but it also indicates how many StuffedPoints you will earn when you purchase that item.

Every 100 StuffedPoints earns you $10 in the form of a future discount, making it fun and easy to qualify for even more stuffed animals.

The Stuffed Animal Hospital is a particularly good feature of the site.  We all have treasured animals from when we were younger and often, with time, these animals become worn or damaged.  The Stuffed Animal Hospital is a repair service that offers.  For a low price, they’ll send you

  • Ambulance ride to Stuffed Animal Hospital (we supply postage to & from, you will need a box for shipping).
  • Examination of the stuffed animal patient.
  • Recommendation & estimate for cleaning or repair.
  • Cleaning & repair upon approval of estimate.
  • Hospital bracelet with patient’s name.
  • Ambulance ride back to your house. stuffed animal hospitalThe actual repair or cleaning service is extra, but they have posted a number of photos on their site showing repairs that they’ve done on animals that were sent to them, and it appears that they do extraordinary work.

If you have a much-loved but damaged stuffed toy from when you were young or one that your child has loved a bit too much, can help bring it back to nearly new.

Wholesale Orders at

If you have a need for custom or bulk orders, can help you there, too.  They offer special wholesale pricing for quantity order.  They can also provide you with custom animals or clothing.  Just contact them and see what they can do for you.

Not only can they design and manufacture custom stuffed animals for you, but they can handle warehousing and distribution, too!

One of the great things about the Internet is that it has allowed a lot of custom retailers to flourish.  Specialty stores that only carried one kind of item used to be the sort of thing that you’d see only in very large cities.

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Thanks to the Web, you can now shop at specialty stores that carry just one kind of item. Specialty stores offer a lot of advantages over general merchandise stores, as they tend to be more knowledgeable about the products they carry and they tend to carry a larger and more diverse assortment of products.

That’s certainly true at and if you love stuffed animals, you should be able to find something that catches your eye. Conclusion

With more than five thousand different stuffed animals in stock, the ability to create custom animals to suit you and the ability to repair the toys you already own, has something to offer for just about anyone who might be interested in buying a stuffed animal, either for themselves or as a gift for a family member or loved one.

With free shipping available on many items and same-day shipping on nearly everything, your toys will be affordable and at your door step before you know it.

If you’re looking for a stuffed bear, dog, cat, penguin, mouse, money or something even more unusual, likely has what you need.

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