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Stroller Haus Review



stroller haus reviewDo you have children?  Are you expecting any soon?  If so, you know that you’ll need to buy a lot of specialized items for your child.

You’ll need clothing, a high chair, perhaps a car seat, and likely, a stroller.

That’s where Stroller Haus can help you.  The name is a bit misleading; they do, indeed, carry and sell strollers.  Nice ones, in fact.  Probably some of the best strollers on the market.

That’s not why the name is misleading.  The name is misleading because they sells so much more than just strollers.

You can buy clothing, furniture, car seats, gifts for your child/wife/husband, nursery items, feeding items, and more.

They’ve got a great selection of products, and some of what they sell is far from ordinary.

Read on for the full Stroller Haus review.

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Stroller Haus Overview

With a name like Stroller Haus, you might get the impression that you were dealing with a company located in Europe.  That’s another somewhat misleading part of the name, as the company is not located in Europe, but is instead located in the United States, in the state of Utah.

That actually makes a lot of sense, as Utah is home to larger than average families and is seen as a family-friendly state.  It’s a good place to set up a business that caters to family needs, and in that regard, the company offers just about anything you’d need to get up and running for raising a family.

It’s also worth noting that unlike a lot of online retailers, this one actually has a brick and mortar store

As the name suggests, you will find strollers on the site, and they stock a diverse selection of them:

  • Bike trailers
  • Full Size Strollers
  • Double Strollers
  • Jogging Strollers
  • Lightweight Strollers
  • Stroller Second Seats
  • Stroller Boards
  • Stroller Accessories
stroller haus
Stroller Haus offers strollers, clothing, gifts and more.

These aren’t just run-of-the-mill strollers, either.  Many of these are adjustable for dozens of positions, have the ability to carry luggage or extra bags, and have rugged suspension systems designed for off-sidewalk use.

Most of them have sun canopies, of course, as you’d want to protect your child from the sun while getting your fresh air.

You’ll see several different styles of bike strollers, for instance, giving you good options for bringing your child along on your daily or occasional bike ride.

One of those bike trailers, the Thule Chariot Cross 1, is adaptable in four different ways – it’s fundamentally a bike stroller, designed to be towed behind a bicycle.  But you can convert it to be a jogging stroller, a walking stroller, or even one that you can use when you are skiing.

Clearly, not everyone will need such a stroller, but it’s far better to be able to buy one that will do all of those things than it is to have to buy multiple devices.  In the end, you’ll save money if you only have to buy one stroller instead of three or four.

Besides strollers, you’ll find an interesting assortment of cleverly-designed high chairs and bassinets, and a nice selection of car seats.

The car seat section was surprisingly large, with a number of different options for keeping your child safe while you drive here and there.  Many of the car seats are convertible and may face either forward or backwards, depending on your needs and the requirements of your state laws.

You’ll find a nice selection of clothing for boys and girls, ages 0-24 months, and this includes shirts, rompers, shoes, and more.

There’s a clearance section on their site, and I was surprised to see a number of different strollers and cars seats (along with other equipment such as bassinets) offered at prices that were quite a bit lower than the regular prices in their store.

Want something for yourself?  The clothing section includes a terrific selection of mom-themed T-shirts, satchels and bags, and nursing dresses.

The gift section of the Website offers a large selection of gift items for baby, dads, moms and more.  Gift wrapping is available if you need it.

stroller haus children's clothingPayment and Shipping

Stroller Haus uses Shopify to handle their online storefront, and that allows them to offer quite a variety of payment options.  You can pay directly with most major credit cards.  You can also use Apple Pay, Google Pay, or PayPal.  We didn’t see an Amazon Pay icon on the site; that may be an oversight or perhaps they simply haven’t added it yet.

If they don’t take Amazon Pay, it’s one of the few options that they offer.  The site is fully secure (https:), so you won’t have to worry about your personal information being compromised during the checkout process.

Shipping is done via the U.S. Postal Service, UPS, or Fedex.  Here’s the good news – if your order is $99 or more, the shipping is free.

The bad news is that at present, shipping is available only to the United States and U.S. territories.

Stroller Haus Return Policy

The company has a reasonable return policy.  You can return unused items to them within 30 days of purchase for a refund.  Certain items are not returnable due to safety concerns.  I’d suggest that you consult the Website’s FAQ page for more details about that.

Stroller Haus Summary

If you have a child, you want to ensure their safety at all times.  That’s a given.  At the same time, you’d like to be able to take a walk, ride your bike, or drive your car while bringing your loved one along.

Stroller Haus makes it possible to do all of these things, and do it in a way that’s safe for your child as well as convenient for you.

They offer a nice selection of strollers, car seats, high chairs, bassinets, along with a good selection of clothing and gifts, and they’re all available at reasonable prices.

Furthermore, you receive free shipping on any order of $99 or more.

If you have a child and you want to take them with you wherever you go and do it in style, Stroller Haus can help you get the tools you need for the job.

Click here to visit the Stroller Haus Website (new window)

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