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passion lilie reviewIt’s fun to shop for clothing, and clothing from around the world can be interesting, affordable, and can provide some styling that you won’t necessarily find in most clothes sold domestically by major brands.

The problem with clothing sourced from outside of the West is that it often comes from questionable sources and is frequently made in “sweatshops,” where the people who make the clothing are both overworked and underpaid.

Passion Lilie knows this, and the New Orleans-based company has made a conscious effort to sell quality clothing that offers the fashion and styling that comes from an interesting part of the world while also providing the peace of mind that comes with knowing that the clothing was not manufactured by exploited workers.

Passion Lilie offers clothing for men and women with affordable prices and a good selection.

Read on for the full Passion Lilie review.

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Passion Lilie Overview

passion lilie dressesThe company was founded by Katie Schmidt, who visited India a few years ago and met some wonderful people who were capable of producing attractive, high quality clothing.

She founded the company in order to sell her clothing designs, but also to create a good working relationship with the people in India who agreed to produce the clothing for her product line.

The manufacturing staff is paid a fair wage and they enjoy good working conditions.  In addition, the company strives to be “eco-friendly,” using only plant-based dyes in order to avoid adding toxic chemicals to the environment.

All of the clothing is designed by Katie, and the clothes are manufactured using traditional artisinal dyeing and weaving methods.

The end result are attractive tops, skirts, dresses, scarves shirts, napkins and more that are offered at surprisingly reasonable prices while helping some talented people in India enjoy a better standard of living.   The end result is a product that’s great for you and also great for the people who helped to make it.


On the Website, you’ll find clothing for both women and men, though at the moment, the men’s selection is limited to shirts.  For women, however, the selection is much more diverse, and you can choose from:

    • Dresses
    • Tops
    • Bottoms
    • The Black & Gold Collection
    • Outerwear
    • Scarves & Sarons
    • Headbands
    • Totes
    • Napkins

All of these items are hand-crafted, and the material is dyed or printed using traditional methods that have been used in India for centuries.   Clothes are available in a variety of sizes ranging from extra small to extra large.  The site has a sizing chart that will make it easy for you to determine which size is best for you.

You can see a video of part of the process here:

The clothing is best described as casual in style; they’re more likely clothes that you’d wear for a day out or perhaps to work than for an evening out.  They’re bright and colorful and look to be very comfortable.  Many of the tops, dresses and totes have elaborately printed patterns, in accordance with the traditional styling of India.

If you are interested, there are wholesale options for those who might be interested in offering their wares for sale in their own retail stores.  You can inquire about wholesale pricing on their Website.


passion lilie topsThe pricing is surprisingly affordable, given that these are unique designs, handcrafted, and that the company ensures that those who are making the clothing are treated well and paid fairly.

The dresses, which the site describes as vintage, bohemian and retro inspired, are made with 100% Indian cotton and hand block printed or hand woven with eco dyes.   They range in price from sale items at $32 or so to a high of about $85, which is certainly reasonable as prices for custom-designed dresses go.

Tops are priced in the $30-$60 range, making them quite affordable.    Skirts, pants, leggings and jumpsuits run anywhere from $20-$90 or so, and the lovely scarves sold are priced at a bit over $20.

Shipping and Payment Options

Shipping rates are quite reasonable.  The clothes are made in India, but everything is shipped from their facility in New Orleans, Louisiana.  While there is no free shipping option, their shipping is quite affordable and based on the total price of the order with shipping rates starting at only $2.

Priority and 1 day shipping options are available, as is shipping to destinations outside the United States.

For payment, Passion Lilie accepts all major credit cards as well as PayPal.

The site has a reasonable return policy; you can return your purchase for up to 30 days from the date of purchase if you’re unhappy with it for any reason.  I’d recommend that you check their Website for details.

Passion Lilie Summary

It’s nice to shop for clothing that has a different look and feel to it than the stuff you’ll usually find at the local stores.   It’s also nice to find quality clothing that’s attractive, colorful and comfortable.  All of these things can be found in the clothes offered from Passion Lilie, which are designed in New Orleans but are handcrafted in India.

The clothes are ethically produced and the people who make them are fairly compensated for their efforts and work in good working conditions.  The clothing line is eco-friendly, too, which means that you won’t be contributing to adding pollution to a part of the world that already has more than their fair share of it.

Passion Lilie offers a wide variety of casual clothing for women in a variety of styles, colors and sizes and has a price range that will suit most any budget.   Passion Lilie offers a number of affordable shipping options and accepts both credit cards and PayPal for payment.

If you’re looking for affordable, comfortable clothing at a good price, sold by a company that’s trying to make the world a better place, you’d do well to consider shopping at Passion Lilie.

Click here to visit the Passion Lilie Website.

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