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Opulent Jewelers Review


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Opulent Jewelers review I write a lot of reviews here about places to shop online, but most of them are reviews of places that offer things of a practical nature.

Sometimes, however, the impractical can be fun, too, and every now and again, it’s nice to splurge on something just because it’s beautiful.

If you’re occasionally of that mindset, then you’ll want to know about Opulent Jewelers.

They offer a tremendous selection of name brand jewelry, both new and vintage, at discounted prices.

They really do have some lovely pieces and if you have a taste for fine jewelry, with or without diamonds, you’ll want to read more.

Read on for the full Opulent Jewelers review.

Opulent Jewelers Overview

cartier braceletOpulent Jewelers is located just outside Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and their sales staff collectively has more than a century of experience buying and selling fine jewelry.

They specialize in name-brand, high quality fashion jewelry, with and without diamonds.  They sell both new and vintage items, and they buy them, as well.

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Among the brands they offer for sale are:

  • Bulgari
  • Cartier
  • Chanel
  • Chopard
  • Dior
  • Gucci
  • Hermes
  • Louis Vuitton
  • Pomellato Jewelry
  • Tiffany & Co
  • Van Cleef & Arpels

They state on their site that they’re not an “authorized dealer” for any of those brands.  That can definitely work in your favor as a shopper.


Many name brand manufacturers try to strictly control the distribution of their products.  By doing that, they can also control the pricing.  Many high end brands will only sell through their own boutiques or through a select group of “authorized” resellers who agree to strict pricing controls.

bvlgarin ringThe reasoning behind this is that many high end brands believe that discounting diminishes the value of their brand.  That may be true, but discounting also puts products in the hands of more customers, and satisfied customers are great for advertising.  You can’t beat word of mouth.

By not being authorized dealers for these brands, Opulent Jewelers can, and does, offer fine pieces of jewelry from these fine companies at discount prices.

You can choose from a wide variety of jewelry:

  • Bracelets
  • Brooches
  • Cufflinks
  • Earrings
  • Necklaces
  • Pendants
  • Rings
  • Watches
  • and more

The pricing ranges from quite affordable to very expensive; a quick sifting through their catalog showed items as low as about $375 or so and some items priced at more than $100,000.

There’s plenty in between, of course, and they’ve likely got something that will fit the budget of most everyone.

Opulent Jewelers Features, Shipping, and Payments

tiffany pendantOpulent Jewelers offers free overnight shipping within the United States on all orders.  That’s one of the most amazing things the company offers, and there’s no reason not to list that one first.

You buy it today, and you’ll likely have it tomorrow.  It’s hard to beat that.

For payment, the Opulent Jewelers accepts PayPal, most major credit cards, and wire transfers.

The Website is fully secure (https:) so you won’t have to worry about your personal data being compromised while you shop or make a purchase.


While they’re rare, returns do happen.  If you receive something and you’re unhappy with it or wish to return it, the company asks that you contact them within two days of receiving it.


Determining authenticity is a a common problem among high-end fashion products, due to the high number of counterfeit products on the market.  That’s unfortunate, but when anyone makes something that’s in high demand and is fairly expensive, someone will try to duplicate it.

Opulent Jewelers offers all buyers an authenticity guarantee.  If you purchase an item from them and it arrives damaged or in a condition that is significantly not as described, they’ll make good on it.

Please contact Opulent Jewelers for more details.

The Opulent Box

opulent boxMost of the time, we know what we want when we’re shopping for things.  With jewelry, that might not be the case.  There are so many interesting things out there, including a lot of bracelets, earrings, necklaces and more that we may not even know about.

If you love fine jewelry, enjoy buying it on a regular basis, but aren’t sure what you want or need, then The Opulent Box might be for you.

The Opulent Box is a subscription service that Opulent Jewelers offers.

It’s essentially a very exclusive club where you can subscribe to receive an Opulent Box in the mail every quarter.

To set it up, you first take a short quiz to help them determine what kinds of jewelry you like.  When do you ordinarily wear jewelry?  What kinds of pieces to you prefer?  Bracelets?  Brooches?

Once you pick a category, you’ll be asked a few questions to help define what kinds of styles you like, what kinds of brands you like and whether you want everyday wear, “statement” wear, or delicate wear.

From there, Opulent Jewelers will find pieces for you that they’ll send to you on a regular basis, along with a few other “bonus” goodies that they’ll include as extras.

It’s not inexpensive (the minimum quarterly purchase is $25,000) but you’ll have your own concierge who can help ensure that you’re happy with your purchases and that the company can continue to provide you with the kinds of nice things you enjoy receiving in the mail.

Selling to Opulent Jewelers

Not only does the company sell fine pieces of jewelry, but they buy them, as well.  Their AppSnap app can help you sell your authentic luxury jewelry, and if you have pieces that interest them, the company will either buy them from you outright or offer to sell them on a consignment basis.

Opulent Jewelers Summary

If you like gorgeous, high-end, name-brand fashion jewelry, you’ll love shopping at Opulent Jewelers.  They carry hundreds of beautiful pieces, with and without diamonds, from dozens of well known international manufacturers of fine jewelry.

You can pay using a variety of convenient methods.   If you’re looking for something special, they can probably help you find it.  They offer free overnight domestic shipping.

And if you like receiving fine jewelry on a regular basis, their Opulent Box club might be just what you need.

Click here to visit the Opulent Jewelers Website (new window)

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