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Nearly Natural Review



nearly natural reviewEveryone seems to love the appearance of plants around their home or in their office.  Flowers, trees, wreaths, or perhaps a table centerpiece always add a nice decorative touch that makes your guests feel at home.

The problem for many of us is that we’re either terrible at growing things, terrible at arranging things, or terrible at maintaining things.  That’s the nature of plants, beautiful as they are – they need attention, and not all of us are well suited to provide that.  Subsequently, our homes don’t look as nice as they could.

Nearly Natural is an online store that offers an amazing selection of just about any kind of plant you can imagine – flowers, trees, houseplants and outdoor plants centerpieces, wreaths and more.  They’re artificial, but the name says it all – they look beautiful and they look like the real thing.  It’s the perfect solution for people like me who don’t have a green thumb.

Read on for the full Nearly Natural review.

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Nearly Natural Overview

The company has a history that goes back nearly 75 years, and that it’s a family business that has grown over time.  Their Website has been online since 2001, and today, the Hialeah, Florida-based company specializes in selling hundreds of varieties of beautiful plants, trees, flowers, and arrangements that are designed to look gorgeous while remaining virtually maintenance free.


If you’re looking for a plant, be it the indoor or the outdoor variety, and you’re not sure what you want, it can be hard to go shopping for it.  They make it easy, by dividing their site into a number of categories, based on the type of plant or even the occasion for which you might want to buy it.

You can shop for individual flowers, such as orchids, lilies, peonies, hydrangeas or roses, either individually or in arrangements.

If you’re not sure what kind of flowers you want, the store menu allows you to choose by season (Fall, Winter, Spring, Summer) or occasion – Wedding, Thanksgiving, Christmas, etc.

For plants, you can choose from floor plants, desktop plants, hanging baskets, flowering plants, ferns, hedges, or even bonsai, if you like the small desktop variety.

For trees, they have a selection of very realistic trees that include Ficus, Palm, Bamboo, Banana, and Olive.  You can also browse through their selection of topiary trees, just in case you like plants with a little extra shape to them.

For each category of their store, you can choose plants in a variety of sizes to suit your own needs or home decor.  You can choose based on diameter, plant width, overall height, or price, if you’re looking for something in a specific range.

Trees come in some surprisingly large sizes; they have them in heights of up to eight feet tall and in widths of up to five feet wide.

Every item in the store has a number of photos, taken from a variety of angles, so you can get a good look at what you’re buying.  All are easily enlarged, giving you a good closeup of the merchandise.

If you’re still not sure what you’re interested in buying, the home page of the site has a “Popular Products” section that shows you what sorts of things other people have been buying.  This is a great way to get some ideas for your own home’s decor.


Pricing at Nearly Natural is quite reasonable, especially when you factor shipping into the cost.  Centerpiece arrangements, for example, run from about $39 to about $200, depending on size and complexity.

Trees are a bit more expensive, ranging from about $60 to about $400 or so.

You’ll find that there are many attractive plants, wreaths and arrangements available for purchase in the $50-$75 range.


The prices will seem even more reasonable when you realize that everything they sell includes free shipping within the continental United States.  That’s all the more impressive when you realize that this applies to everything, including an 8 foot tall palm tree.

The price you see on the Website is the price you pay, and that includes delivery to your door.  But wait – it gets better than that.

The company also guarantees that your order will ship within 24 business hours of the time you place it.  So it’s not only going to be free to ship, but you’ll get it as quickly as they can manage it.

Even better (though not likely) is their return policy.  If you’re not happy with your purchase from Nearly Natural, just let them know.

They’ll not only accept returns, provided that the item still has the original packaging, but they’ll pay for you to ship it back to them.

Obviously, no one offers that sort of deal unless they’re pretty sure that they’re not going to see very many returns, and they likely do not. They offer an attractive, quality selection of plants that will look great in your home, office or back yard.

Nearly Natural Summary

If you have that magic touch that allows you to grow plants at will, or the ability to take a bunch of flowers and turn them into a work of art, then good for you!  Not all of us are so fortunate or talented, and for those of us who want to have beautiful plants in our home or office without having to grow them or water them, we have the option of buying from Nearly Natural.

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Nearly Natural offers hundreds of plants, wreaths, hanging baskets, trees, bushes and flowers, all tastefully arranged, shaped or decorated.  They’re available in a dizzying array of styles and colors and the reasonable prices include shipping to your door and free returns, if necessary.

If you’re trying to decorate your home for Christmas, the spring, the summer or any reason at all and you simply don’t have the time or ability to create beautiful arrangements yourself, Nearly Natural can help you by providing a stunningly attractive and realistic plant to make your home as beautiful as you’d like it to be.

Click here to visit the Nearly Natural Website

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