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lovely wholesale reviewIf you like shopping for clothing, you probably have the same problem I do – running out of money before you run out of things you want to buy!

That’s a common problem, and the best solution I’ve been able to come up with is to shop at places where my money goes farther.

One such place that can help you with that is Lovely Wholesale.

They’re an online store that offers clothing for both men and women, though about 90% of their inventory is women’s clothing.

They have thousands of items in a wide variety of styles, from casual to fancy, and they also have nearly a thousand plus-size items in stock.

They accept most major credit cards and they ship worldwide.

That all sounded interesting to me, so I thought I’d take a closer look.

Read on for the full Lovely Wholesale review.

Lovely Wholesale Overview
Lovely Wholesale Features
Lovely Wholesale Pricing
Lovely Wholesale Payment and Shipping
Lovely Wholesale Summary

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Lovely Wholesale Overview

Lovely Wholesale has been online since 2011, and the company is based in Hong Kong.

The company seems a bit misnamed, as they’re largely a retail operation.  They do offers wholesale pricing if you’re interested in buying large quantities, but for most shoppers, they’re just a retail outfit.

Like most fashion sites, they cater primarily to women, and the company owns their own factory in China.  They also partner with a number of other manufacturers in order to provide a large selection of products at a reasonable price.

Lovely Wholesale Features

The Website offers thousands of fashion items for sale, with a staggering number of items currently in stock.

  • Dresses 1691 items in stock
  • Two Piece Outfits 1620 items in stock
  • Rompers and Jumpsuits 1048 items in stock
  • Swimsuits 220 items in stock
  • Plus size 882 items in stock
  • Tops 851 items in stock
  • Bottoms 552 items in stock
  • Outerwear 454 items in stock

lovely wholesale topsBesides these, they also offer shoes, a bit of jewelry, and some fashion accessories, such as jewelry, handbags, and lingerie.

In the store, once you select a category, you can choose to sort items by price, or you can select “new” to see what just came in.

You can also see what’s “hot” and currently selling well, or you can sort items by reviews to see what people who have already purchased items think about their purchase.

Once you click on an item, you’ll see one or more photos of a model wearing them, and you’ll get a list of available options:

  • Color
  • Size
  • Price
  • Number of reviews for the item

A complete list of specifications follows, showing you the material, the style, the type of sleeve or neck, and the basic measurements, which are listed in centimeters.

The site does have a sizing chart that allows you to compare the site’s stated sizes with standard sizing from the U.S., the UK, and the EU.

I did find the Lovely Wholesale size chart a bit difficult to locate, but it’s there.

At the bottom of the page for each item are the reviews that have been posted for that item to date, including comments, star ratings, and whether or not the person leaving the review is a verified buyer for that item.

The site has an unusually large number of items for plus-size women, in all product categories.  With nearly 1000 items to choose from, many plus-size women will find a lot to like about this site.


lovely wholesale dressesLovely Wholesale has a frequent shopper program that allows you to earn points as you shop.  For every dollar you spend at the site, you will earn one point that you can apply to a future purchase.

For every 20 points you have, you can save one dollar on a future purchase.

The site also has a VIP program for people who spend $600 or more in a given month.  By reaching that milestone, you’ll be eligible for further discounts on every item you buy in the following month.


The site always has a sale section, where several hundred items are priced as low as $2.99.  The day that I visited the site, there was also a “Flash Sale” going on for a limited time, where newer items were significantly reduced in price for a limited time.

Lovely Wholesale Pricing

The pricing is quite reasonable, with dresses priced at as little as $6.99 and at no more than $27.99 or so.  These prices are pretty typical across all of their categories, with most items being priced in the $10-$20 range.

With sales, some items are priced as low as $1.99.

Lovely Wholesale Payment and Shipping

The company accepts most major credit cards via PayPal, as well as a transfer from Western Union.  If you use Western Union, you’ll be eligible for an additional 8% discount to offset the fees charged for the transfer.

PayPal ensures a secure purchase (https:) at checkout, so you won’t have to worry about your personal information being stolen.

The company offers several shipping options and uses multiple carriers in order to give you the best options based on where you live.

When you add an item to your cart, you’ll see your shipping options for that item.   Basic shipping is fairly inexpensive to most places, and expedited options are available if you’re in a hurry.

Most items can be shipped within 24 hours.

You can track your order using the provided tracking number after the items ship.

lovely wholesale casual dress








Unlike a lot of fashion companies based in China or Hong Kong, Lovely Wholesale does allow for returns and refunds.

Many such sites sell their items on an “all sales final” basis, but if you receive and item and you discover that it’s the wrong size or that you don’t like it, you may contact the company to arrange for a return and a refund.

Lovely Wholesale Summary

There are a number of affordable fashion stores operating out of Hong Kong these days, and all of them offer a nice selection and good prices.

Lovely Wholesale offers a nice selection, attractive pricing, and a better-than-average selection of clothing for plus-size women.

They have frequent sales, and offer a points system that allows you to earn credit towards future purchases.

They also have secure payment options via PayPal.

If you love shopping for clothing but you’re on a budget, Lovely Wholesale is worth a look.

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