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Dressily Me Review


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dressily me reviewIf you’re just looking for casual wear, there are lots of places that you can shop, including the local mall or your local Walmart.  On the other hand, if you’re interested in buying a dress, that can be a bit more difficult, as few stores stock dresses, and those that do aren’t likely to have a large selection.

There are many occasions for which you might want to wear a dress, including weddings, parties, graduations, and more.  For those occasions, you not only want a dress, but you’ll want one that will attract attention and draw compliments.

Dressily Me is an online store that specializes in dresses.  Yes, they sell shoes, swimwear and accessories, too, but they specialize in dresses.  Not only that, but almost all of the dresses sold by Dressily Me are custom made, especially for you.  You pick the size that you want, the color that you want, and provide your measurements.

Within a few weeks, you’ll receive your beautiful new dress in the mail.

The company has more than 5000 different dresses in their online catalog, so regardless of the occasion, you’ll almost certainly find the exact dress that you want.

Read on for the full Dressily Me review.

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Dressily Me Overview

dressily me wedding dressesLike a lot of online fashion sites, Dressily Me is based in Hong Kong.  The lower costs of labor there allow them to offer beautiful custom-made dresses at surprisingly affordable prices.

Among the occasions for which you’ll find dresses available are:

  • Wedding Dresses
  • Bridesmaid Dresses
  • Wedding Guest Dresses
  • Formal/Evening Dresses
  • Prom Dresses
  • Military Ball Dresses
  • Quinceanera Dresses
  • Cocktail Dresses
  • Homecoming Dresses
  • Graduation Dresses
  • Sweet 16 Dresses
  • Holiday Dresses
  • Rehearsal Dinner Dresses
  • Pageant Evening Gowns
  • Party Dresses

Of course, many of the dresses sold at the Website aren’t event-specific; aside from wedding dresses, you can wear the dresses you buy there for any occasion you like.

dressily me hand madeOne of the things that makes this store unusual is that most of the dresses sold there are made to order.  Each page lists sizes in which that particular dress is available and a handy chart shows you which size you’ll likely need and which measurements you’ll need to provide in order to have your dress custom made for you.

The pages for most dresses include multiple photos so you can see the dress from multiple angles.  You’ll also have color options for most of the dresses on the site.

As the dresses are custom-made, it does take a bit longer to receive your order than it does from most other sites that sell “off the rack.”  In most cases, your dress will be ready to ship in 15-18 days.


When shopping in any category,  you can sort by price, see best-selling items, the best reviewed items or you can sort between items that are custom made and those that are in stock and ready to ship.  In the “Evening Dresses” category, for example, about 40% of the dresses in that category are ready to ship, which reduces the waiting time until you receive it.

dressily me cocktail dressWhile they primarily sell dresses, you can also purchase shoes, jewelry, and even swimwear and lingerie.   Items in these categories, unlike the dresses, are in stock and are usually ready to ship right away.

Though there is usually a delay of 15-18 days from the time that you place your dress order until it ships, there is good news in that – this shipping is free to many countries.

They ship for free to some 36 countries, and chances are good that you live on one of them.  That helps make the already-low prices that you’ll find on their site even lower, as you don’t have to pay for shipping.  If you’re in a hurry, you can pay extra for expedited shipping.

You’ll also find a sale section of their site, where you can purchase dresses and accessories for prices as low as 70% off of the original price.

Don’t see a dress you like on the Website?  They can create a custom dress for you based on photographs that you provide.  Details are available at the Dressily Me Customize Your Dress page.

If there’s a downside to shopping at Dressily Me, it’s that they don’t specifically mention that they cater to plus sizes.  They do list some larger sizes for most dresses, and they do accept custom orders, so if you’re full-figured and aren’t sure if they can accommodate you, please contact them.  They’re usually willing to help out when they can.

dressily me evening gownPricing

The pricing is quite affordable, especially for their wedding gowns.  You can easily spend thousands of dollars for a custom-made wedding dress, but here, they range from a low of about $75 to a high of $550 or so.

Evening dresses are priced from about $25 to $500, and cocktail dresses range from about $25 to $295 or so.

Shoes are especially affordable; they’re all priced at under $75.

Payment and Shipping

They accepts payment via PayPal, so your checkout is handled securely.  With PayPal, you can pay via credit card or via your PayPal account, which will allow you to pay with a PayPal balance or with funds from your checking account.

As I mentioned earlier, shipping to many countries is free at Dressily Me, and for those that are not on the free shipping list, there are several different shipping options, ranging from surface mail to expedited options via DHL, UPS, and FedEx.

Dressily Me Summary

You can easily spend a small fortune when you find the right wedding dress, evening gown, or cocktail dress.  You’ll usually pay even more if you’re going to have that dress custom tailored for your exact measurements.

Dressily Me makes it affordable, and you can choose from thousands of designs or submit one of your own, send your measurements, and have the dress in your hands in just a couple of weeks.

Their selection is huge, their pricing is very affordable, and they have a lot of great looking clothing.

If you like dresses and want price, selection and custom-made tailoring, you should take a look at Dressily Me.

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