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Dreamfarm Review


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dreamfarm reviewMost people do at least some cooking, and if you do, you’ll likely own a few tools or kitchen gadgets.  Everyone likely owns a ladle, or a cutting board, or perhaps a garlic press.  These are standard sorts of tools that pretty much everyone will own at some point, because they’re handy tools that you’ll use on a regular basis if you do any cooking at all.

While most anything will do in a pinch, you’ll find that it’s easier to do the job of cooking if you have the proper tools for the job.  The Australian company Dreamfarm specializes in making kitchen gadgets.  They take it a step further, however.  Dreamfarm is interested in creating attractive, easy to use kitchen gadgets that are created to essentially be the best of their kind.

The Dreamfarm lineup of kitchen tools is both impressive and affordable, and you’ll likely be amazed at what some of these tools can do to make your job of preparing meals easier.

Read on for the full Dreamfarm review.

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Dreamfarm Overview

Dreamfarm was founded in Brisbane, Australia in 2003 by a young man named Alex who had a great idea for what is known as a “knock box” for discarding coffee grounds.  Most knock boxes are noisy and messy and Alex’s invention, called the Grindenstein, was attractive, quiet, and easy to use.

Alex persuaded a number of retailers to stock his invention, and he then invented the Scizza, a clever pair of scissors combined with a spatula that makes it easier than ever to slice and serve pizza.

dreamfarm kitchen toolsFrom there, Dreamfarm grew and their products are now available via mail around the world and can also be purchased in some 500 stores worldwide.

Dreamfarm makes kitchen gadgets exclusively and they now have more than 30 different kitchen tools available for purchase.  Most of them are variations on tools that you likely already own, but you’ll find that their clever design either makes them work better than the tools you currently use or makes them easier to use than the one you already have.

The Dreamfarm garlic press, called the Garject, is a good example.  With a typical garlic press, you have to peel the clove of garlic, insert it into the press, squeeze it, use a knife to cut the garlic loose, pry open the press and use a knife again, to remove the remnants from the press.

The Dreamfarm Garject is a lot easier.  You can insert the garlic without peeling it and squeeze away.  There’s a built in tool that will cut the garlic loose, and another built in tool that will discard the remaining garlic with a simple press of your thumb.

Another tool, the Scizza, looks like a pair of scissors, but it’s used to cut pizza.  After you’ve cut the pizza, just like you’d cut a sheet of paper, you can use the Scizza to actually pick up and serve the pizza to your family or your guests.  It’s fast and easy, and you’ll use one tool to both slice and serve rather than using two, as most people do.

Other Dreamfarm tools have similarly clever uses – the Spadle is a spoon that quickly turns into a ladle.  The Smood is said to be the best potato masher ever invented.  The Chopula is a spatula that can also be used to chop foods while you’re cooking them.  Clongs are tongs that are designed so that the part that touches the food never touches your countertop.

Kitchen tools from Dreamfarm are clever in function and attractive in design, with a colorful, modern look.  They’re constantly working to come up with new and innovative tools to help make your job of cooking easier.

Dreamfarm Kitchen Gadgests Pricing

Dreamfarm kitchen gadgets are affordably priced and compare favorably to those from other brands.  Prices range from a low of about $6 to a high of about $40.  They have a couple of bundles available, too, allowing you to buy several tools together at one low price.

Not sure what you want to buy?  Need to get a gift for someone but you aren’t sure what to buy for them?  Not a problem.  Dreamfarm offers gift cards.  You can send them via email or traditional mail and you can buy them in the amount of your choice from $25-$1000.  You can even include a personal message with the card.

Dreamfarm Payment

Dreamfarm accepts major credit cards via their Website, and you’ll find that the site is secured (https:) so that you won’t have to worry about your personal information being compromised.

Dreamfarm Shipping

My first thought when I found the Dreamfarm Website was that shipping was going to be expensive, as they’re based in Australia.  I was pleased to discover that their shipping is quite reasonable.  Shipping to the United States, for example, is a flat price of about $10.  Not only that, but if you order $50 worth of merchandise, the shipping is free.

If you order $100, you’ll not only get free shipping, but you’ll also get a free reusable Dreamfarm tote bag.  As most of the Dreamfarm products are affordably priced, $50 will get you both free shipping and an interesting assortment of tools.

Dreamfarm Summary

People have been cooking for centuries now and you’d think that there isn’t anything new to be discovered or created with kitchen gadgets.  That’s not the case, as Dreamfarm has made clear.

Dreamfarm kitchen tools are designed to look interesting, with unusual designs and bright, festive colors.  But they’re also designed to make your job of cooking your meals easier and ultimately, more enjoyable.  The less “work” you’re having to do when cooking, the more you’ll enjoy the meal when you finally get to eat it.

If you like to cook but find some parts to be a messy chore, you should definitely take a look at the assortment of time-saving kitchen tools that Dreamfarm has for you.

You’ll find that cooking has never been so easy.

Click here to visit the Dreamfarm Website.

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