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Dexclusive Review



dexclusive reviewEven though most people use cell phones now, a wristwatch still makes a nice fashion accessory.  They’re also interesting items unto themselves, as many watches have interesting features, known as “complications,” that offer the ability to do more than just tell the time.

Watches can be very expensive, and that’s particularly true of luxury watches, which are rarely discounted.  That’s where you might find Dexclusive watches to come in handy.  Dexclusive is an online retailer that sells just watches, and they offer them all at a discount, including some brands that are never discounted.

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Dexclusive Overview

dexclusive watches scamDexclusive is an online watch retailer, based in Hollywood, Florida.  They’ve been doing business since 200, but only made a serious expansion into online retailing about five years ago.

They sell watches.  That’s it.  But they sell more than 50 brands of watches, from affordable quartz models from makers such as Adidas, Philip Stein, Harding and Fossil, to super-high-end luxury watches such as Ulysse Nardin, Rolex, and even Patek Philippe.  That last maker is one of the world’s best-known makers of high-end mechanical watches, and some of their watches sell for more than $500,000.

Don’t let that high price tag fool you, though.  Dexclusive has watches priced below $25, meaning that they likely have a nice looking, accurate timepiece that nearly everyone can afford.

Dexclusive Features

There are a number of reasons why you might want to shop at Dexclusive.  They acquire their watches from a variety of sources, so they don’t get “locked in” to manufacturer’s pricing requirements.  That allows them to sell many watch brands at a discount that you ordinarily don’t see discounted.

If you’re interested in a Rolex, for example, you might save quite a bit of money, as authorized Rolex dealers are required to sell their watches at a company-specified price that is likely higher than you’ll pay at Dexclusive.

But are the watches from Dexclusive authentic?  Yes, they are.  Lots of online sellers offer watches that are replicas, or watches that are acquired second-hand and sold in secondary packaging.  That’s not the case with Dexclusive.  All of the watches they sell are brand new and include factory packaging and original serial numbers.

Dexclusive does not sell used, repaired, modified, or refurbished watches, and every watch that you buy from them will come with a certificate of authenticity.

You will also receive a 2 year warranty on most models.  Some companies will not warrant their watches if they are not sold through their authorized retailers.  So you pay full price, and then you get a warranty.  When you buy from Dexclusive, you can save money by getting the name brand watches at a discount and you’ll still get a two year warranty when you buy.

That’s well worth considering, because the list of watch brands offered for sale at Dexclusive is quite impressive.

dexclusive watchesThey sell solid, well-regarded brands such as Seiko and Omega, and newer, cutting-edge watches from the likes of TW Steel, U-Boat, and Diesel.

But it’s the luxury brands that make Dexclusive stand out, including some brands that you almost never see offered at a discount, such as Rolex, Patek Philippe, Vacheron Constantin, Ulysse Nardin, and Frederique Constant.

They don’t just have one or two models in stock by those brands, either, as some retailers do.  They’ll keep one or two Rolex watches in stock, just so they can claim that they sell Rolex watches.

Dexclusive currently has one hundred different watches from Patek Philippe and 37 different watches by Rolex and all are offered at discounts that might save you literally thousands of dollars off of the list price.

Other shopping features offered at Dexclusive are the ability to compare multiple watches at once, the ability to sign up for price alerts so you’ll know if the watch you’re interested in is on sale, and the ability to create a wish list of watches you may be interested in purchasing.

The New Arrivals section will show you the latest offerings, making it easy to see what’s new.

Dexclusive Pricing

patek philippe dexclusivePricing is definitely a reason to consider shopping at Dexclusive.  They have watches ranging in price from as little as $21 or so to more than $600,000.  You’ll find that every watch in stock is sold at a discount price, and every listing will show you:

  • The retail price
  • The Dexclusive price
  • How much you’re saving, in both percentage and in total dollars
  • How many of that particular model are in stock

There is also a sale section, where there are usually a few dozen models that are on sale for prices that are even lower than the regular price.

Dexclusive Ordering, Shipping, and Returns

Ordering from Dexclusive is easy; they have an easy-to-use shopping cart system.  They also have a toll-free phone number if you’d rather order by telephone.

For payment, they accept all major credit cards, and they even accept Amazon Pay.  You can just log in using your Amazon account credentials, and you’ll be billed through them.

A number of shipping options are available for shipping around the world, including expedited shipping through FedEx.

Dexclusive has a 30 day return policy.  If you have a problem with an item and want to return it, you can just contact them by filling out a form and they’ll get back to you promptly.

Dexclusive Summary

If you are interested in buying a watch online, there are thousands of places to buy them.  If you are interested in buying a discount luxury watch online, your options are often a lot more limited.  Many brands try to tightly control their pricing.

These desirable, high-end brands are often quite difficult to find for sale at a discount.  But Dexclusive has them for sale every day, with a wide selection of models and brands, including some very luxurious ones.  If you have never seen a Vacheron Constantin or Patek Philippe watch in person, you’d be surprised at how well made they are.

Dexclusive offers a good selection of watches, nice discount pricing, and a good warranty.  If you’re interested in buying a fancy watch, you might want to give them a look.

Click here to visit the Dexclusive Website.

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