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Deewatch Review



deewatch reviewThese days, with everyone carrying a cellphone, most people don’t really need a watch.  Still, they’ve long been considered a fashion accessory, but lots of “fashion” watches sell for thousands, or even tens of thousands, of dollars.  Many other watches just look and feel cheap, and don’t really offer anything in the way of style.

Deewatch offers a simple, elegant alternative to that in their watch line.  Their watches are fashionable, but they offer a fun, casual look that you can customize to suit your own style.  Deewatch also won’t break your bank or your budget, as their watches, while not exactly cheap, are fairly affordable as fashion watches go.

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Deewatch Overview

Deewatch is based in Sweden, and their watches, bracelets, and watchstraps are all designed to combine classic Scandinavian simplicity and elegance with bold designs inspired by southern Europe.  It’s an odd pairing, to be sure, but their watches look a lot less “watch-ey” than other brands, largely due to their innovative watchstraps.

Deewatch Features

What separates Deewatch watches from those of just about anyone else is their watchstrap.  With most brands of wristwatches, the strap is a simple piece of leather or perhaps a metal bracelet, that wraps around the wrist and fastens.  That’s pretty much the way it’s been for more than a century, and I’ll admit that such a system works fine.

Deewatch watchstraps are different in that they are much longer and combine additional length and colorful stones to give you a unique look in your timepiece.  The watchstrap actually wraps around your wrist two or three times (your choice when you order) to give you an interesting look that will certainly attract attention when you wear them in public.

You can also purchase a bracelet, which wraps around your wrist just once, to give your watch a somewhat more traditional look.  You’ll find, however, that Deewatch bracelets are pretty unique in appearance, and they’ll attract attention regardless of whether you’re wearing it with a watch or not.

The watchstraps can be worn as bracelets, too, with or without the watch attached.  In fact, you can buy the watchstraps separately, which gives you the option of mixing different colors and styles according to your taste, mood for the day, or wardrobe.

As for the Deewatch watches themselves, they’re fairly large at 36mm or so, and have stainless steel cases and mineral crystal protecting the watch face.  The watches are powered by a Japanese quartz movement, which is likely made by Miyota, which is a division of Citizen.    They don’t offer a lot of water resistance, as they’re rated at 3 meters.  On the other hand, Deewatch watches aren’t the sort of timepiece that you’d take to the beach.  They’re for wearing for a day around the town.

A nice feature of the Deewatch Website is a page they call “Lookbook.”  It’s largely a series of photos of people wearing their watches, but because their watches are a bit unusual, you might be looking for ideas as to how best to wear them.  The Lookbook page will give you some ideas to help you get the most out of your Deewatch.

Deewatch Pricing

deewatch watchstrapAs fashion watches go, Deewatch watches are fairly affordable.  They are priced in the $239-$249 range, and they have more than a dozen models from which to choose.  Keep in mind that they also have a number of different bracelets, which are priced in the $89-$99 range, and wriststraps, which are similarly priced.

When you buy a watch from Deewatch, you’ll also receive a free bonus watchstrap, and your watch and bonus strap will be attractively packaged in a gift box.

Deewatch Shipping and Payment

When you buy from Deewatch, you’ll get free worldwide shipping.  Since the company is based in Sweden, this can save you quite a bit of money.  You also get fast delivery; the company promises to ship within 1-4 days.

Payment is easily made at Deewatch using Visa, Mastercard, Klarna, and PayPal, which should allow nearly anyone to be able to pay them.  The site is a secure one (https:), so you won’t have to worry about your personal data, as it will all be encrypted while you enter it.

Deewatch Summary

What kind of watch to buy is largely a matter of personal preference.  Some people like gadgetry.  Others like precious metals and gemstones.  Others like fine quality craftsmanship, while still others don’t care at all as long as the watch keeps time.

Other shoppers fall into the middle somewhere.  They want a watch that’s attractive, and one that is going to be well-made enough that it isn’t going to fall apart or quit working a month from now.  On the other hand, they don’t want to pay thousands of dollars for a watch.

Deewatch gives you a nice selection of watches that fall into the mid-price range as fashion watches go.  They’re well-made and feature highly reliable Japanese quartz movements, so aside from battery replacement every couple of years, you won’t have to worry about maintenance.

Deewatch gives you a nice selection of styles and colors, and also gives you the ability to mix and match the straps so that you can find a look that will look good with what you’re wearing today.  You can choose a simple bracelet, or a more stylish strap that wraps around your wrist two or three times.  Furthermore, they will include a bonus watchstrap with every watch purchase and they’ll package it up in a gift box for you.

Then they’ll ship it to you, anywhere in the world, at no extra charge.   Free shipping is always a plus.

If you’re looking for a watch but you want something that’s of good quality but a bit off of the beaten path when it comes to styling, you should give some serious thought to Deewatch.  They make a nice looking timepiece that will turn heads every time you wear it.

Click here to visit the Deewatch Website.

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