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Chicgal Review



chicgal reviewIf you like shopping for clothes, you likely run into that budget problem.  Clothes, especially attractive ones, cost money, and most of us don’t have a lot of money to spend on anything, let alone clothing.

That’s where online stores like Chicgal come in handy.  Chicgal has a huge selection of clothing for women – dresses, tops, leggings, hoodies, shoes, accessories, and more.

Not only that, but Chicgal offers attractive clothing at rock-bottom prices that include free worldwide shipping.  If you’re on a budget, that’s pretty attractive.

They add new items to their store all the time, and they have a clearance section that offers some items at prices up to 80% off, and you still get free shipping!

All in all, that seems like a pretty good deal.

Read on for the full Chicgal review.

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Chicgal Overview

chicgal dressesAs with many up and coming fashion retailers, Chicgal is based in China, though they have an office in London, England, which is where they handle their customer service inquiries.

There are a number of advantages to doing business in China, among them that they have the ability to quickly change their inventory to suit changing tastes.  In fact, most of the inventory at Chicgal is made to order.

Chicgal doesn’t just specialize in one area of fashion.  They have dresses, though they specialize in cocktail dresses, body-hugging “bodycon” dresses, and casual dresses more than evening gown or prom dresses.

Tops range from casual tees to cardigans to tank tops and crop tops.

Shoes include a variety of boots and heels, along with flats, sandals, and wedges.

Chicgal has several hundred dresses in stock, and an equal number of tops and shoes.  That means that just about everyone should be able to find something they like.

In the Chicgal store, you can sort by price, sort by newest, or sort by recommended items.  There’s also a “new” section that lets you see the newest arrivals.  Chicgal has a seasonal section, too.  At the moment, they’re promoting Halloween-related items and a few Christmas items, as well.

If you click on an item, you’ll be taken to its sales page, where you’ll see multiple photos of the item, the price, the available colors, and a list of sizes in which the item is available.  Most items are available in small, medium, and large, with probably half also available in extra large.

I didn’t see anything on the Chicgal site that was larger than that, so I wouldn’t recommend Chicgal as the first place for full-figured women to do their shopping.

The site does have a page with a sizing chart, and I’d recommend paying close attention to that for two reasons:

1. Clothes made in China have a tendency to run a bit small, so it’s best to make sure you’re ordering the correct size.

2. Chicgal does not offer returns.

chicgal topsNo returns?  That is true, unfortunately, though they do say that they’ll do their best to correct any mistakes in orders.  Part of the “no return” policy has to do with the fact that most of the items offered for sale on the Chicgal site are custom made.  That is, they make them when you order them.

The other reason is that the clothes on the site are so inexpensive that it’s just not cost-effective to return them for a refund.

Chicgal Pricing

Of course, the pricing at Chicgal is a big part of the site’s appeal.  I sorted the 246 available dresses by price, and found that they ranged from a low of $10 (that item was on sale) to a high of $29.

Of the 957 tops in stock, the prices ranged from a low of $7 (on sale) to a high of $27.

There were 165 pairs of shoes and boots in stock, and they ranged from a $13 pair of slippers to a $51 pair of boots.

Keep in mind that all of these prices include free worldwide shipping, and you can see why they’re not offering returns.

On the other hand, with prices as low as they are at Chicgal, you could easily order an item in several different sizes, keep the one that fits, and give away the one that doesn’t, and you’ll still have a bargain.

Chicgal Sale Items

The sale section on the Chicgal site has items that are discounted to as much as 80% off of their regular (already-low) prices.   When I checked earlier today, there were more than 100 items in all categories (tops, dresses, shoes, swimwear, and backpacks, among others.)

The sale items change often and sell quickly, so you might want to keep a close eye on that section of the store.

chicgal shoesChicgal 24 Hour Items

Most of the items in the Chicgal store are custom made, and the sales page for each item will tell you how long the processing time for that particular item will be (it’s usually 1-5 days.)  Some items, however, have a logo on them that says “24 Hours.”  These items (there were 241 of them when I checked) are currently in stock and are ready to ship.

If you’re in a hurry, you can click the “24 Hours” link at the top of the home page and shop only those items that are in stock and ready to ship.

Other Chicgal Sales

From time to time, other discounts are available on the Chicgal site.  Usually, there are discounts available if you purchase over a certain amount.  These deals are listed right at the top of the home page, making them easy to spot.

Chicgal Payments and Shipping

Payments at Chicgal are handled by PayPal, so you can pay using a credit card or a PayPal balance.  You don’t have to have a PayPal account to pay by credit card.

PayPal offers the advantage of a secure ordering system; Chicgal never has access to your credit card information.  That’s all handled by PayPal.

Also, both the Chicgal site and the PayPal site used for checkout are secure (https:) so you know that your personal information will be safe.

As I mentioned earlier, shipping at Chicgal is free on all items, and that includes any destination around the world.  This includes their processing time, so they estimate it will take 10-12 business days for standard shipping.

You can get expedited shipping (3-7 days) for $9.99 extra, but expedited shipping is free for orders of $99 or more.

You can track your order on the Chicgal site by logging in to your account at the site and checking your Orders link.

Chicgal Summary

If you like shopping for clothing, you want to keep up with the latest fashions, and you’re on a budget, Chicgal is worth checking out.

They have dresses, tops, cardigans, shoes, swimwear, and accessories, all at unbeatable prices.  Everything includes free shipping, expedited shipping is free for orders over $99, and they have a safe and secure checkout system.

If you like shopping for clothes but hate spending a fortune, you’ll definitely want to have a look at Chicgal.

Click here to visit the Chicgal Website (new window)

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  1. Do not buy from this place. They take over two months to ship your clothes. Customer service is awful. I purchase Christmas shirts the end of October and still do not have them. They refuse refunds. I did get the Christmas dress. Material is very cheap and entire dress made very cheap and awful. They will not give me a refund.

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