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Site: reviewEverybody seems to love animals, but real ones are often a lot of trouble to own and maintain.  Stuffed animals, on the other hand, are attractive, comfortable to the touch and can still listen to you when you need to complain about what’s wrong with your day.

Choosing a stuffed animal can be time consuming, and finding one that’s “just right” can take time.  Fortunately, has just the solution, as they have more than 5000 different stuffed animals in stock.  It’s all they sell and when stores specialize, they can often show you lots of interesting merchandise that you might not find just anywhere else.

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Wallbarz USA Review – Home Jungle Gym

Wallbarz USA Review



wallbarz usa reviewKids are great, but one problem most moms have with their children is keeping them occupied doing something that’s good for them, rather than spending their time watching TV.  Ideally, they’d be outside getting some exercise and play time, but in the winter, that can be difficult if the weather is poor.

One great solution to keeping your children occupied, happy and healthy comes from a company called Wallbarz USA.  They make indoor gym equipment that you can set up in a playroom or bedroom so your kids can have fun and get some exercise indoors.

Seems like a good idea to me, and the Wallbarz USA equipment is both well made and relatively affordable.

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Wallbarz USA Overview

Wallbarz USA is based in Brooklyn, New York, and they have been making playground equipment for the past 15 years.  Their primary experience is in making outdoor playground equipment, but they’ve now introduced an interesting line of products that give your kids something interesting and fun to do inside the house, provided, of course, that you have a bit of room to set up the equipment.

Fortunately, it’s easy to do.

Wallbarz USA makes about a half a dozen (so far) pieces of indoor gym equipment.  With this gear, your children can:

  • Climb ladders
  • Climb ropes
  • Climb rope ladders
  • Hang/swing from gymnastic rings

wallbarz usa gymWallbarz USA equipment is made from sturdy steel or wood, and some models are all wood.  The models they have for sale offer a bit of variety and a wide range of pricing, making it easy for you to pick a unit that will offer activities that are suitable for your own children, as well as suitable to your wallet.

Each Wallbarz USA unit comes with free shipping in the United States, and it will arrive at your door ready to assemble.  Fortunately, assembly is quite easy, and it does not require that you use any screws, nails or anchors in order to fasten the gym to your walls, ceilings or floors.

According to the Wallbarz USA Website, setup for their units should take less than two hours, but it will likely take far less than that for most people.

You do need to check the specifications for the unit you need to buy, as each model has its own specific minimum and maximum ceiling height.  Most units will likely fit most ceilings in the average home, but it’s best to check.

Then the question becomes, which unit do you buy?  At the moment, there are six different home play gym models available from Wallbarz USA:

  • Wallbarz Woodsy – This colorful unit takes up a minimum amount of space while still offering several climbing and play options.  The all-wood unit includes a wooden ladder, a rope ladder, a climbing rope and a pair of gymnastic rings.
  • Wallbarz Family – This is rather like the Woodsy, though a bit smaller and made from metal.  This unit includes a climbing ladder, a pull-up bar, a climbing rope and gymnastics rings.
  • Wallbarz Jungle Dome – This colorful unit looks like the most fun, but it’s also the most expensive.  It includes two different metal ladders, one made from C-handles, a climbing/swinging rope, and a pull up bar.
  • Wallbarz Nets – This one looks like fun, too.  This unit is designed to hug close to the wall and includes a climbing net, gymnastic rings and a climbing rope.  It’s wide enough for several children to use at once.
  • Wallbarz Transformer – This model gives you a chance to play on each end of the unit.  There’s a climbing ladder in the middle and a climbing rope on one side.  On the other side is a pair of gymnastics rings.
  • Wallbarz Woodgym – This one is probably best suited to adults, as it offers few features that might interest children.  It has a climbing ladder and a pull-up bar.

wallbarz usa indoor playgroundNearly all of the Wallbarz USA units listed above had customer reviews on the Wallbarz USA Website, and all of the ones I read gave the units 5 stars and raved about the build quality and the ease of assembly.  That’s great as you really don’t want to pull dozens of parts out of the box and then struggle to assemble the gym while your children stand by impatiently wondering when they’re finally going to get to play.

Wallbarz USA Pricing, Payment and Shipping

Given the high quality of the manufacturing and the fact that many of the parts of the Wallbarz USA are made from actual wood, the pricing of Wallbarz USA units are quite affordable.  At present, the units range in price from about $349 to $899.  This price seems to include shipping, though there’s no specific mention of free shipping on the Wallbarz USA Website.  I just put an item in my cart, added my zip code and checked to see how much shipping would cost and the shopping cart said that it was free.

If that’s the case, it’s quite a bargain, as these units are quite cumbersome and look as though they might cost quite a bit of money to ship.  Shipping is done via UPS Ground service.

Payment on the Wallbarz USA site can be made through several means.   You can pay directly via credit card (the Wallbarz USA Website is secure), or you can also use either PayPal or Amazon Pay.  That’s up to you, as all methods will allow you to check out in just a couple of minutes.

Wallbarz USA Summary

Wallbarz USA seems to fill a somewhat unique niche in the market.  There’s plenty of outdoor gym equipment for sale here and there, and if you live in a place that has good weather all year long and you have a large yard, then that might be a good option for you.

On the other hand, if you live in an area where there’s actual winter, or you live in an apartment or some other place that doesn’t have a yard, you’ll be looking for an indoor solution where your kids can play and get some exercise.

Wallbarz USA offers that, and they have some well-built, colorful, attractive equipment that should keep your children busy for hours.  The shipping is free, the assembly is quick and easy, and you won’t need to use screws, bolts, or anchors to fasten the equipment to your walls or ceiling.

If you’re looking for some indoor fun for your children, Wallbarz USA has some good, affordable solutions.

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wallbarz usa jungle gym



CNDirect Review – Great Prices and Selection

CNDirect Review


CNDirect reviewShopping online can be a lot of fun, and the Internet has made shopping a whole lot easier than it used to be.  One used to have to go to fancy stores that carried imported items to find odd things from around the world, but now, thanks to the Web, you can shop from pretty much everywhere.

It’s still a bit of a nuisance to have to shop at multiple places to buy things, as most online stores are pretty specialized.  Some stores only sell electronics and others only sell clothing.  That’s what’s different about CNDirect.

CNDirect is not exactly a “one size fits all” place to shop, but they do carry a pretty wide variety of merchandise, and all at surprisingly low prices.

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CNDirect Overview

CNDirect is based in Hong Kong, though they ship all over the world.  Their slogan is “Pretty cheap, easy buy.”  That’s what they’re offering – a large selection of what they call “newfangled” merchandise at prices that are hard to resist.

CNDirect offers an astonishing variety of merchandise, in categories that don’t necessarily logically fit together.  They offer women’s and men’s clothing, for example, but they also offer toys, and small electronics.  You won’t find a television set, for example, but you’ll find game controllers, or headsets, or even tablet computers, including some good deals on refurbished iPads.

Here’s the full CNDirect category list:

  • Women’s Clothing
  • Men’s Clothing
  • Health & Beauty
  • Consumer Electronics
  • Mobile Phones
  • Toys & Hobbies
  • Electrical & Tools
  • Bags & Shoes
  • Jewelry & Watches
  • Kids & Baby
  • Home & Garden
  • Automobiles & Motorcycles
  • Intimate Apparel
Examples of clothing at CNDirect
Examples of clothing at CNDirect

And yes, it’s sort of weird to go to an online store that has a huge selection of dresses, tops and sweaters for sale only to see a category called “Automobiles & Motorcycles.”

I checked that one; they don’t actually sell cars and motorcycles there.  But they do have car stereos, GPS units, car alarms and other miscellaneous accessories.

CNDirect probably offers more clothing than anything else, along with jewelry, makeup and related fashion accessories.  They have a ton of attractive dresses, lots of fashionable tops and blouses, skirts, and jeans.

Their “Dresses” section of their Website showed that they had some 18,000 dresses in stock.  Yes, eighteen thousand.

The price range for those 18,000 dresses ran from a low of $2.93 to a high of $572.  They had literally thousands of dresses for under $20.  Sizes ran from XS to XXXXL, so given the range of sizes, the range of prices, and the huge selection, it’s likely that anyone can find something they like at CNDirect.

Within any category, be it Dresses, Home & Garden, or Baby items, you can sort by price from high to low, low to high, best reviewed (the site allows customers to post product reviews), top sellers, and new arrivals.

Examples of dresses at CNDirect
Examples of dresses at CNDirect

If you just want to see what’s hot, what’s on sale, or what’s new, you can easily find those right on the home page.  In fact, they even have  special section on the home page for items priced for less than $5.

With most items, you’ll be able to see how they’re reviewed.  You’ll also be able to see the number of people who have added that particular item to their wish list, and how well reviewed the item happens to be on a 0-5 star basis.

Other recommended items that are similar will appear below the item.


As part of CNDirect’s attempts to allow people from all over the world to shop there, they offer pricing in 22 different currencies, and the site can be adjusted to show you merchandise in six different languages: English, Spanish, French German, Russian, and Portuguese.

If you’re concerned about security, CNDirect is a secure Website, with full https protection.  They accept payments via credit card, bank transfer and PayPal.  As PayPal and credit card companies have good security measures, you can be sure that your transactions with CNDirect will be safe.

CNDirect Customer Guarantee
CNDirect Customer Guarantee

One feature that I really liked about CNDirect is their customer guarantee.  If you purchase something from them, they give you a delivery date.  If the merchandise doesn’t reach you by that date, it’s free.

Furthermore, if your item arrives and it is not as described, you can either accept a partial refund and keep the merchandise or return it for a full refund.


CNDirect ships all over the world, and they offer several shipping methods via Fedex, DHL, UPS, EMS, Aramex and China Post:

Standard shipping(Mail service):19-35 business days

Expedited shipping: 8-12 business days

Express shipping: 3-7 business days

To make it easier to shop for clothing, the site offers a handy and very helpful size chart, which makes it easy to see what size you need.  This chart includes basic measurements in inches, so you won’t end up being confused by sizing, which can sometimes be a problem when you’re buying from sources in Asia, as most clothing made there tends to run to the small size.

Like Amazon and a few other sites, CNDirect allows you to create an account, post reviews, and even create wish lists for later use.  A shopping guide also gives you a quick pictorial lesson on how to use the major features of the site, though it’s pretty easy to use.


CNDirect has a pretty generous return policy, offering unconditional returns for up to 15 days from the date of delivery.  They do recommend that you contact them immediately if you have a problem, as it can be expensive to return items via mail.

Assistance at CNDirect

If you need help while shopping at CNDirect, you can click on the headphones icon to start an online chat with an assistant who can help you.

CNDirect Summary

There are lots of places to shop online. Some are niche stores with specialized inventory, and some are a bit more broad.  CNDirect falls into the latter category, with tends of thousands of items for sale at very reasonable prices in about a dozen major categories.

They’ve got a huge selection, astonishingly low prices, and a very good customer guarantee.  Their site is secure, they offer trustworthy methods of payment, and they guarantee that you’ll get your merchandise on time.

If you’re looking for a place to shop where you can get a lot of fun stuff for your money, CNDirect is worth a look.