Deewatch Review – Simple, Affordable Elegance

Deewatch Review



deewatch reviewThese days, with everyone carrying a cellphone, most people don’t really need a watch.  Still, they’ve long been considered a fashion accessory, but lots of “fashion” watches sell for thousands, or even tens of thousands, of dollars.  Many other watches just look and feel cheap, and don’t really offer anything in the way of style.

Deewatch offers a simple, elegant alternative to that in their watch line.  Their watches are fashionable, but they offer a fun, casual look that you can customize to suit your own style.  Deewatch also won’t break your bank or your budget, as their watches, while not exactly cheap, are fairly affordable as fashion watches go.

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Anjays Designs Review – Rings for All Occasions

Anjays Designs Review



anjays designs reviewIf you’re buying a ring for any occasion, you’d like it reflect who you are and show off your own sense of style.  This is true if you’re buying an engagement ring, a wedding ring, a birthstone ring, or just a ring to wear for fun.

Most of the time, that’s easier said than done, as the vast majority of jewelry that’s sold today looks as though it was all designed by the same person.  Instead of focusing on the style of the jewelry itself, most jewelry sold today focuses on the gemstones involved.

Anjays Designs is different.  Anjays Designs makes rings.  The site says they sell “jewelry,” but really, they sell rings for all occasions.  But their rings are special.  They’re designed by Anjay himself, who has 25 years of experience in CAD design.

What that means is that he’s able to focus on the design itself, and Anjays Designs offers a stunning collection of rings that are designed with nature in mind.  They evoke plants, flowers, leaves, vines, and even rope to give produce a beautiful collection of jewelry that looks natural in style and gorgeous to wear.

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Anjays Designs Overview

anjays designs engagement ringsIt’s easy to see why most jewelers focus on the gemstones themselves; that’s where they make their profit.  The prices of gemstones often include huge markups, and that’s why most jewelers try to get you to focus on the stone you are buying, rather than the ring itself.

Anjays Designs is different.  Yes, they sell rings with gemstones, but if you browse their store, you’ll see that the stones are not the focus of the product, nor is the metal used.  When you get to the page for an individual item, you’ll have choices of both gemstone and precious metal, but first, you have to decide on the style.

And what style they have!  Among the various collections of rings offered by Anjays Designs are:

  • Spring Collection – These rings are inspired by nature itself, featuring precious stones set among leaves, flowers and vines.
  • Fleur de Lis Engagement Rings – A variety of nature-inspired rings, each of which features at least one fleur de lie in the setting.
  • Rope Engagement Rings – These are natural looking rings that appear as though they are made of small ropes.  They’re not, of course; they’re made of gold or platinum, but they have a rustic, natural look to them.
  • Celtic Engagement Rings – These rings have a Middle Ages look to them, with many of them featuring a Celtic trinity knot.  These rings are available as individual engagement rings or as part of a wedding set.
  • Pearl Rings – While diamonds, sapphires and other gemstones are certainly the favorites, they’re not essential.  If you prefer the elegant simplicity of a pearl, rather than a diamond, Anjays Designs offers more than 100 different rings that feature a pearl as the primary stone.
  • Birthstone Rings – While many people celebrate an engagement or a wedding with a fine ring or set, others prefer to buy jewelry that reflects the month of their birth.  Anjays Designs has rings for every month of the year, each set with that month’s particular birthstone.
  • New Arrivals – Anjay adds new designs to their store all the time.  If you’d like to see the latest items in their various collections, you can see them by clicking on the “New Arrivals” link on their home page.

Anjays Designs Features

anjays designs birthstone ringThere are a number of reasons why you might want to shop for rings at Anjays Designs, including:

  • Variety – Anjays Designs literally has thousands of ring designs.  All you need to do is select the general style (Celtic, Spring, etc.) and then you can filter them out by the type of metal (gold, yellow gold, rose gold, white gold, platinum) or the type of stone you’d like to have in the ring (diamond, black diamond, sapphire, white sapphire, moissanite, etc.)If you aren’t sure what you’d like, you can always use the pulldown menu to sort by price (low to high or high to low) or just select “best selling” to see what other people have chosen.  That might inspire you.The possibilities are endless, and if you don’t see something you like (not likely) you can contact them and they can probably make it.  All of their rings are available in a wide variety of sizes, as well.

    I was surprised to see the variety they offered even among pearl rings.  You’d think that a pearl is a pearl, but Anjays Designs offers an amazing variety of pearl rings, including black pearls, which are available in more than 100 settings.

  • Easy Comparisons – Because Anjays Designs has so many different rings, it can be difficult to decide which ones you like the best.  Fortunately, the Website has a nice comparison feature that allows you to compare several rings at once.
  • Testimonials and reviews- They have been selling beautiful rings for years, and Anjays Designs has a testimonials page where you can see comments from previous buyers.  Many of the individual pages for rings also have reviews from previous buyers.
  • Shipping and Returns – Anjays Designs ships all over the world from their location in Los Angeles, California.  If you are not happy with your purchase, they’ll accept returns for up to 10 days from the time you receive it.
  • Pricing – Anjays Designs has a broad range of prices to suit most budgets. Rings on the site range from a low of about $150 for a wedding band to a high of about $7000 for a platinum wedding ring engagement set set with multiple diamonds.

Anjays Designs Summary

Buying a ring for a wedding, an engagement, a birthday present or any other special occasion is not something you do every day.  Given that it’s something you don’t do very often, you should make sure that the ring that you buy is as special as the occasion that warrants the purchase.

That means that you may wish to avoid the mass-produced rings that are sold at the major jewelry stores that you see at the mall.  Instead, why not go with a ring that was designed from the ground up to be a work of art unto itself?

By shopping at Anjays Designs, you can choose from hundreds of different designs, all of which are inspired by nature.  You can choose your gemstone, your precious metal and the style that best reflects your own personal sense of style.

Anjays Designs rings are truly gorgeous.  You owe it to yourself to have a look.

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CNDirect Review – Great Prices and Selection

CNDirect Review


CNDirect reviewShopping online can be a lot of fun, and the Internet has made shopping a whole lot easier than it used to be.  One used to have to go to fancy stores that carried imported items to find odd things from around the world, but now, thanks to the Web, you can shop from pretty much everywhere.

It’s still a bit of a nuisance to have to shop at multiple places to buy things, as most online stores are pretty specialized.  Some stores only sell electronics and others only sell clothing.  That’s what’s different about CNDirect.

CNDirect is not exactly a “one size fits all” place to shop, but they do carry a pretty wide variety of merchandise, and all at surprisingly low prices.

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CNDirect Overview

CNDirect is based in Hong Kong, though they ship all over the world.  Their slogan is “Pretty cheap, easy buy.”  That’s what they’re offering – a large selection of what they call “newfangled” merchandise at prices that are hard to resist.

CNDirect offers an astonishing variety of merchandise, in categories that don’t necessarily logically fit together.  They offer women’s and men’s clothing, for example, but they also offer toys, and small electronics.  You won’t find a television set, for example, but you’ll find game controllers, or headsets, or even tablet computers, including some good deals on refurbished iPads.

Here’s the full CNDirect category list:

  • Women’s Clothing
  • Men’s Clothing
  • Health & Beauty
  • Consumer Electronics
  • Mobile Phones
  • Toys & Hobbies
  • Electrical & Tools
  • Bags & Shoes
  • Jewelry & Watches
  • Kids & Baby
  • Home & Garden
  • Automobiles & Motorcycles
  • Intimate Apparel
Examples of clothing at CNDirect
Examples of clothing at CNDirect

And yes, it’s sort of weird to go to an online store that has a huge selection of dresses, tops and sweaters for sale only to see a category called “Automobiles & Motorcycles.”

I checked that one; they don’t actually sell cars and motorcycles there.  But they do have car stereos, GPS units, car alarms and other miscellaneous accessories.

CNDirect probably offers more clothing than anything else, along with jewelry, makeup and related fashion accessories.  They have a ton of attractive dresses, lots of fashionable tops and blouses, skirts, and jeans.

Their “Dresses” section of their Website showed that they had some 18,000 dresses in stock.  Yes, eighteen thousand.

The price range for those 18,000 dresses ran from a low of $2.93 to a high of $572.  They had literally thousands of dresses for under $20.  Sizes ran from XS to XXXXL, so given the range of sizes, the range of prices, and the huge selection, it’s likely that anyone can find something they like at CNDirect.

Within any category, be it Dresses, Home & Garden, or Baby items, you can sort by price from high to low, low to high, best reviewed (the site allows customers to post product reviews), top sellers, and new arrivals.

Examples of dresses at CNDirect
Examples of dresses at CNDirect

If you just want to see what’s hot, what’s on sale, or what’s new, you can easily find those right on the home page.  In fact, they even have  special section on the home page for items priced for less than $5.

With most items, you’ll be able to see how they’re reviewed.  You’ll also be able to see the number of people who have added that particular item to their wish list, and how well reviewed the item happens to be on a 0-5 star basis.

Other recommended items that are similar will appear below the item.


As part of CNDirect’s attempts to allow people from all over the world to shop there, they offer pricing in 22 different currencies, and the site can be adjusted to show you merchandise in six different languages: English, Spanish, French German, Russian, and Portuguese.

If you’re concerned about security, CNDirect is a secure Website, with full https protection.  They accept payments via credit card, bank transfer and PayPal.  As PayPal and credit card companies have good security measures, you can be sure that your transactions with CNDirect will be safe.

CNDirect Customer Guarantee
CNDirect Customer Guarantee

One feature that I really liked about CNDirect is their customer guarantee.  If you purchase something from them, they give you a delivery date.  If the merchandise doesn’t reach you by that date, it’s free.

Furthermore, if your item arrives and it is not as described, you can either accept a partial refund and keep the merchandise or return it for a full refund.


CNDirect ships all over the world, and they offer several shipping methods via Fedex, DHL, UPS, EMS, Aramex and China Post:

Standard shipping(Mail service):19-35 business days

Expedited shipping: 8-12 business days

Express shipping: 3-7 business days

To make it easier to shop for clothing, the site offers a handy and very helpful size chart, which makes it easy to see what size you need.  This chart includes basic measurements in inches, so you won’t end up being confused by sizing, which can sometimes be a problem when you’re buying from sources in Asia, as most clothing made there tends to run to the small size.

Like Amazon and a few other sites, CNDirect allows you to create an account, post reviews, and even create wish lists for later use.  A shopping guide also gives you a quick pictorial lesson on how to use the major features of the site, though it’s pretty easy to use.


CNDirect has a pretty generous return policy, offering unconditional returns for up to 15 days from the date of delivery.  They do recommend that you contact them immediately if you have a problem, as it can be expensive to return items via mail.

Assistance at CNDirect

If you need help while shopping at CNDirect, you can click on the headphones icon to start an online chat with an assistant who can help you.

CNDirect Summary

There are lots of places to shop online. Some are niche stores with specialized inventory, and some are a bit more broad.  CNDirect falls into the latter category, with tends of thousands of items for sale at very reasonable prices in about a dozen major categories.

They’ve got a huge selection, astonishingly low prices, and a very good customer guarantee.  Their site is secure, they offer trustworthy methods of payment, and they guarantee that you’ll get your merchandise on time.

If you’re looking for a place to shop where you can get a lot of fun stuff for your money, CNDirect is worth a look.





Dexclusive Review – Luxury Watches at a Discount

Dexclusive Review



dexclusive reviewEven though most people use cell phones now, a wristwatch still makes a nice fashion accessory.  They’re also interesting items unto themselves, as many watches have interesting features, known as “complications,” that offer the ability to do more than just tell the time.

Watches can be very expensive, and that’s particularly true of luxury watches, which are rarely discounted.  That’s where you might find Dexclusive watches to come in handy.  Dexclusive is an online retailer that sells just watches, and they offer them all at a discount, including some brands that are never discounted.

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Dexclusive Overview

dexclusive watches scamDexclusive is an online watch retailer, based in Hollywood, Florida.  They’ve been doing business since 200, but only made a serious expansion into online retailing about five years ago.

They sell watches.  That’s it.  But they sell more than 50 brands of watches, from affordable quartz models from makers such as Adidas, Philip Stein, Harding and Fossil, to super-high-end luxury watches such as Ulysse Nardin, Rolex, and even Patek Philippe.  That last maker is one of the world’s best-known makers of high-end mechanical watches, and some of their watches sell for more than $500,000.

Don’t let that high price tag fool you, though.  Dexclusive has watches priced below $25, meaning that they likely have a nice looking, accurate timepiece that nearly everyone can afford.

Dexclusive Features

There are a number of reasons why you might want to shop at Dexclusive.  They acquire their watches from a variety of sources, so they don’t get “locked in” to manufacturer’s pricing requirements.  That allows them to sell many watch brands at a discount that you ordinarily don’t see discounted.

If you’re interested in a Rolex, for example, you might save quite a bit of money, as authorized Rolex dealers are required to sell their watches at a company-specified price that is likely higher than you’ll pay at Dexclusive.

But are the watches from Dexclusive authentic?  Yes, they are.  Lots of online sellers offer watches that are replicas, or watches that are acquired second-hand and sold in secondary packaging.  That’s not the case with Dexclusive.  All of the watches they sell are brand new and include factory packaging and original serial numbers.

Dexclusive does not sell used, repaired, modified, or refurbished watches, and every watch that you buy from them will come with a certificate of authenticity.

You will also receive a 2 year warranty on most models.  Some companies will not warrant their watches if they are not sold through their authorized retailers.  So you pay full price, and then you get a warranty.  When you buy from Dexclusive, you can save money by getting the name brand watches at a discount and you’ll still get a two year warranty when you buy.

That’s well worth considering, because the list of watch brands offered for sale at Dexclusive is quite impressive.

dexclusive watchesThey sell solid, well-regarded brands such as Seiko and Omega, and newer, cutting-edge watches from the likes of TW Steel, U-Boat, and Diesel.

But it’s the luxury brands that make Dexclusive stand out, including some brands that you almost never see offered at a discount, such as Rolex, Patek Philippe, Vacheron Constantin, Ulysse Nardin, and Frederique Constant.

They don’t just have one or two models in stock by those brands, either, as some retailers do.  They’ll keep one or two Rolex watches in stock, just so they can claim that they sell Rolex watches.

Dexclusive currently has one hundred different watches from Patek Philippe and 37 different watches by Rolex and all are offered at discounts that might save you literally thousands of dollars off of the list price.

Other shopping features offered at Dexclusive are the ability to compare multiple watches at once, the ability to sign up for price alerts so you’ll know if the watch you’re interested in is on sale, and the ability to create a wish list of watches you may be interested in purchasing.

The New Arrivals section will show you the latest offerings, making it easy to see what’s new.

Dexclusive Pricing

patek philippe dexclusivePricing is definitely a reason to consider shopping at Dexclusive.  They have watches ranging in price from as little as $21 or so to more than $600,000.  You’ll find that every watch in stock is sold at a discount price, and every listing will show you:

  • The retail price
  • The Dexclusive price
  • How much you’re saving, in both percentage and in total dollars
  • How many of that particular model are in stock

There is also a sale section, where there are usually a few dozen models that are on sale for prices that are even lower than the regular price.

Dexclusive Ordering, Shipping, and Returns

Ordering from Dexclusive is easy; they have an easy-to-use shopping cart system.  They also have a toll-free phone number if you’d rather order by telephone.

For payment, they accept all major credit cards, and they even accept Amazon Pay.  You can just log in using your Amazon account credentials, and you’ll be billed through them.

A number of shipping options are available for shipping around the world, including expedited shipping through FedEx.

Dexclusive has a 30 day return policy.  If you have a problem with an item and want to return it, you can just contact them by filling out a form and they’ll get back to you promptly.

Dexclusive Summary

If you are interested in buying a watch online, there are thousands of places to buy them.  If you are interested in buying a discount luxury watch online, your options are often a lot more limited.  Many brands try to tightly control their pricing.

These desirable, high-end brands are often quite difficult to find for sale at a discount.  But Dexclusive has them for sale every day, with a wide selection of models and brands, including some very luxurious ones.  If you have never seen a Vacheron Constantin or Patek Philippe watch in person, you’d be surprised at how well made they are.

Dexclusive offers a good selection of watches, nice discount pricing, and a good warranty.  If you’re interested in buying a fancy watch, you might want to give them a look.

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dexclusive watches

Fashion Mia Review – Great Selection and Pricing

Fashion Mia Review


There are a number of problems with shopping for clothing online.  Many online stores are specialty stores, where you can only buy wedding dresses, or clothes for petites, or plus-size clothing.  Specialty stores have their merits, but most women would prefer to shop at a single store.

That makes sense, since you’re likely going to have to pay tax and shipping, and doing that from more than one store gets expensive.  Ideally, you’d like to find one store that has attractive clothing, styles and sizes for everyone, and if possible, free shipping.

Fashion Mia has all of those things, and if you’re not familiar with them, you should be.

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Fashion Mia Overview

fashion mia reviewYou might not be familiar with Fashion Mia, though they have been in business since 2005.  Part of the reason that you may not have heard about them is that Fashion Mia is based in China.  There are advantages to this; they are able to quickly adapt to emerging fashion trends and get them to market quickly.

That means that when new styles appear, Fashion Mia will have them quickly and at an affordable price.

Fashion Mia specializes in dresses, though they also offer much more than that.  Dresses are their specialty, and right now, as I type this, they have more than 3000 different dresses in stock.  These styles at Fashion Mia include cocktail dresses, evening dresses, shift dresses, vintage-style dresses, form-fitting bodycon dresses, maxi dresses and shift dresses.  They also stock nearly 100 plus-size dresses, too.

While dresses are the strong suit at Fashion Mia, they also offer tops, outerwear, bottoms and accessories.  They currently have 2014 tops in stock, and some have prices as low as $5.

You’ll find accessories, such as scarves, gloves, and shoulder bags, too.  Their jewelry section includes affordable bracelets, necklaces, earrings, and rings, with most priced at under $10.

While Fashion Mia mostly caters to women, they also offer fashions for men, with nearly 2000 items in stock.  These include jackets, coats, sweaters, shirts, sweatshirts, T-shirts, jeans, shorts, casual pants and accessories, such as belts, ties and hats.

Fashion Mia Features

fashion mia dressEvery retailer has their own special way of doing things, and most have something to recommend them over others.  Fashion Mia has several things that shoppers will find appealing, particularly if you are interested in bargains, are budget-conscious, or are the sort of person who likes to shop a lot.

    • New arrivals -Fashion Mia has more than 10,000 items in stock, and they get new ones in every day of the week.  Their Daily New Arrivals section lets you keep up with the latest in dresses, tops, and plus-size wear.  They even have day by day links so you can see what came in today, or yesterday, or the day before.  That’s a great feature for the frequent shopper.
    • Free Shipping option – Shipping from Fashion Mia is quite affordable, even for shipping from Asia, but if you spend $79 or more, the shipping is free.  Since this includes an order of any size, you can certainly save buy buying a number of items at once.  Of course, given their reasonable pricing, you might be surprised at how many items you’ll need to buy to reach that $79 threshold! 😉
    • Flash Sale – Every day, Fashion Mia has what they call a “Flash Sale.”  This is a time-limited sale on hundreds of items, and some of the prices are up to 80% off.  When I visited earlier today, I found that the prices for the dresses, sweaters, and accessories were set to time out in a little over 24 hours.  At that point, new Flash Sale items appear.
    • VIP Program – If you are a frequent shopper, you will love the Fashion Mia VIP program.  You don’t even have to enroll.  If you spend more than $300 in any calendar month, you will automatically be enrolled in the VIP program for the next 30 days.  This continues for as long as you spend $300 in a month.  If you spend $300 or more every month, you will stay a member continuously.  What do you get for being a VIP member?You get more discounts!  VIP members get a 10% discount on everything in the store for as long as they are a VIP member. If you spend $1000 in a month, you become a Super VIP member, and you get a 15% discount for the next 90 days.  As with the VIP program, this one automatically renews as long as you qualify.
    • Several Payment options – Fashion Mia accepts all forms of payment, including PayPal, most major credit cards, Western Union, and wire transfers from your bank.
    • Easy Returns – Fashion Mia accepts returns on new merchandise for up to 30 days from the time you place your order.   Something doesn’t fit?  Just contact them and they will arrange an easy return.

    Fashion Mia Pricing

    fashion mia flash saleThe pricing at Fashion Mia is perhaps the best thing they have going for them.  They have more than 3000 dresses in stock, and prices range from as low as $6.95 (on sale) to a high of about $75 or so.  They literally have more than 1000 dresses that are priced under $30, which means you could easily pick up 2-3 dresses and a couple of tops, get free shipping on top of that, and still spend less than $100 in total.

    Fashion Mia Shipping

    Shipping is free on orders over $79.  For all other orders, several options are available, including super savings options and expedited shipping options.   They currently ship worldwide via TNT, DHL, and the Postal Service.

    Fashion Mia Summary

    If you’re looking for one-stop shopping on affordable, fashionable clothing, it’s hard to beat Fashion Mia.  They offer thousands of dresses, hundreds of tops, hundreds of plus-size items and a full selection of accessories.

    Fashion Mia isn’t perfect, however.  While they do offer shoes, their selection at the moment is quite small and not very interesting.  Their plus-size section, while offering a good selection and pricing, offers only a few hundred items, as opposed to the thousands of items they have for everyone else.

    Those minor quibbles aside, Fashion Mia offers a great selection of ever-changing clothing, terrific pricing, lots of sales and discount opportunities, and free shipping for qualifying orders.

    If you’re looking for the latest in fashions without having to pay the latest in prices, Fashion Mia is well worth your time.

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