Lovely Wholesale Review – Affordable Fashions

Lovely Wholesale Review



lovely wholesale reviewIf you like shopping for clothing, you probably have the same problem I do – running out of money before you run out of things you want to buy!

That’s a common problem, and the best solution I’ve been able to come up with is to shop at places where my money goes farther.

One such place that can help you with that is Lovely Wholesale.

They’re an online store that offers clothing for both men and women, though about 90% of their inventory is women’s clothing.

They have thousands of items in a wide variety of styles, from casual to fancy, and they also have nearly a thousand plus-size items in stock.

They accept most major credit cards and they ship worldwide.

That all sounded interesting to me, so I thought I’d take a closer look.

Read on for the full Lovely Wholesale review.

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Berrylook Review – Great Selection and Prices

Berrylook Review



berrylook reviewIf you like to shop as much as I do, you’ll likely spend a lot of time trying to find the right place to shop.  There’s only so much money to go around (at least at my house,) so I want to find places to shop where my money will go just a little bit farther.

One such site that helps in that regard is Berrylook.  Berrylook is a fashion site that has literally thousands of dresses, tops, swimsuits, shoes, and accessories in stock, and they offer them at rock-bottom prices.

Yes, the prices at Berrylook are inexpensive, but they’ve got an incredible selection of women’s clothing and they offer them in a dazzling variety of styles.

I’m not sure I can adequately describe the broad range of styles of clothing they have at Berrylook, but I’ll try my best to let you know what they have to offer.

Read on for the full Berrylook review.

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Opulent Jewelers Review – Elegance for You

Opulent Jewelers Review



Opulent Jewelers review I write a lot of reviews here about places to shop online, but most of them are reviews of places that offer things of a practical nature.

Sometimes, however, the impractical can be fun, too, and every now and again, it’s nice to splurge on something just because it’s beautiful.

If you’re occasionally of that mindset, then you’ll want to know about Opulent Jewelers.

They offer a tremendous selection of name brand jewelry, both new and vintage, at discounted prices.

They really do have some lovely pieces and if you have a taste for fine jewelry, with or without diamonds, you’ll want to read more.

Read on for the full Opulent Jewelers review.

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Couture Candy Review – Dresses, Jewelry, and More

Couture Candy Review



couture candy reviewI’ve reviewed a lot of fashion sites here at Shopopp, and I’ll freely admit that many of them are sites that specialize in reasonably priced and even budget clothing.

There are reasons for that; I, like most people, tend to shop for bargains, as I don’t have a lot of money to spend.  Still, I try to cover a broad spectrum of shopping sites here, and that means that sometimes, I need to cover sites that are amazing but not targeted specifically to the budget-conscious.

That’s where Couture Candy fits in.  Don’t get me wrong; Couture Candy does have its share of bargains.  Thousands of them, in fact.

But this is a fashion store that can be pretty pricey if that’s where you want to go.  They’ve got thousands of dresses, hundreds of pieces of swimwear, some amazing jewelry, along with jeans, tops, sweaters, and more.

It’s a pretty incredible store, and today, I’ll tell you some more about it.

Read on for the full Couture Candy review.

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Fusion Belts Review – Replace Your Fanny Pack

Fusion Belts Review


fusion belts reviewThis may end up being one of the shortest reviews I’ve written, since I’m writing about a single product today, as opposed to a shopping Website, as I usually do.

In this case, the product is something called Fusion Belts, and if you’re active, and particularly if you exercise, you’ll know exactly why this product exists and why you’ll probably want one.

Fusion Belts were designed as an easy way to carry your phone, keys, money, or identification while you’re engaged in activities where you ordinarily wouldn’t have access to a purse or a set of pockets, such as when you’re running, doing aerobics or perhaps hunting or fishing.

They come in a variety of sizes and colors, and offer the opportunity to carry your essentials without feeling weighted down.

They’re also quite affordable, and come in kids’ sizes, too.

Read on for the full Fusion Belts review.

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Miss Mary of Sweden Review – Beautiful Bras and More

Miss Mary of Sweden Review



miss mary of sweden reviewMost women wear bras on a daily basis and know the struggles of trying to find one that fits well, supports well, and looks good.

Despite the many stores, online and off, that sell fancy and expensive bras and lingerie, it can be quite difficult for a lot of women to find a bra that meets that has fit, support and looks for them.

Miss Mary of Sweden is a site that offers quality bras in a variety of styles and sizes, and they’ve been specializing in bras and World Class Lingerie for more than 60 years.

Their site offers bras, panties, swimwear, bodies and corselets, and accessories, and they offer quality bras in sizes from 32A to 50J.

Read on for the full Miss Mary of Sweden review.

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La Coqueta Review – Spanish Clothing for Kids

La Coqueta Review


la coqueta reviewWhen you’re buying clothing for your children, you can take a number of routes.  You can assume that they’re going to grow quickly, so there’s no point in buying anything special for them to wear, since they’re just going to grow out of it in a few months.

Or you can decide, as many parents do, that you want your kids to look cute and fashionable, so that other people can see just how adorable your children really are.

Many people go the second route, and for that, there’s La Coqueta.

La Coqueta, also known as La Coqueta Kids, is a company that’s based in Leeds, England, but which sells clothing for infants, girls, and boys that is designed and made in Spain.

There’s nothing really inherently “Spanish” about these designs; they’re attractive, well-made clothes that look great on the children for which they’re designed.

When you see some of the photos from their Website, you’ll likely agree.

Read on for the full La Coqueta review.

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Stroller Haus Review – Strollers, Clothing and More

Stroller Haus Review



stroller haus reviewDo you have children?  Are you expecting any soon?  If so, you know that you’ll need to buy a lot of specialized items for your child.

You’ll need clothing, a high chair, perhaps a car seat, and likely, a stroller.

That’s where Stroller Haus can help you.  The name is a bit misleading; they do, indeed, carry and sell strollers.  Nice ones, in fact.  Probably some of the best strollers on the market.

That’s not why the name is misleading.  The name is misleading because they sells so much more than just strollers.

You can buy clothing, furniture, car seats, gifts for your child/wife/husband, nursery items, feeding items, and more.

They’ve got a great selection of products, and some of what they sell is far from ordinary.

Read on for the full Stroller Haus review.

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Dressily Me Review – Attractive Affordable Dresses

Dressily Me Review



dressily me reviewIf you’re just looking for casual wear, there are lots of places that you can shop, including the local mall or your local Walmart.  On the other hand, if you’re interested in buying a dress, that can be a bit more difficult, as few stores stock dresses, and those that do aren’t likely to have a large selection.

There are many occasions for which you might want to wear a dress, including weddings, parties, graduations, and more.  For those occasions, you not only want a dress, but you’ll want one that will attract attention and draw compliments.

Dressily Me is an online store that specializes in dresses.  Yes, they sell shoes, swimwear and accessories, too, but they specialize in dresses.  Not only that, but almost all of the dresses sold by Dressily Me are custom made, especially for you.  You pick the size that you want, the color that you want, and provide your measurements.

Within a few weeks, you’ll receive your beautiful new dress in the mail.

The company has more than 5000 different dresses in their online catalog, so regardless of the occasion, you’ll almost certainly find the exact dress that you want.

Read on for the full Dressily Me review.

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Fairy Season Review – Affordable Casual Clothing

Fairy Season Review


Fairy Season reviewYou can’t have enough clothes, I always say.  I also say that you can’t have enough money…to buy all of those clothes.  That’s why I’m always excited when I find new places to shop for clothes that are affordable.

It’s even better if they offer free shipping, and that’s what you’ll find at Fairy Season.

Fairy Season is an online clothing store that offers a great selection of casual tops, dresses, shorts, leggings, shoes and swimwear, all at terrific prices.

While the prices there are already low, they’ve got a coupon page on the site where you can get even more discounts, and a sale page, too.

Read on for the full Fairy Season review.
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