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Berrylook Review



berrylook reviewIf you like to shop as much as I do, you’ll likely spend a lot of time trying to find the right place to shop.  There’s only so much money to go around (at least at my house,) so I want to find places to shop where my money will go just a little bit farther.

One such site that helps in that regard is Berrylook.  Berrylook is a fashion site that has literally thousands of dresses, tops, swimsuits, shoes, and accessories in stock, and they offer them at rock-bottom prices.

Yes, the prices at Berrylook are inexpensive, but they’ve got an incredible selection of women’s clothing and they offer them in a dazzling variety of styles.

I’m not sure I can adequately describe the broad range of styles of clothing they have at Berrylook, but I’ll try my best to let you know what they have to offer.

Read on for the full Berrylook review.

Berrylook Overview
Berrylook Features
Berrylook Pricing
Berrylook Payment and Shipping
Berrylook Summary

Berrylook Overview

berrylookLike many discount fashion sites, Berrylook is based in Hong Kong and has no retail location.  They’re entirely based online.

Their site is easy to navigate, and their home page will immediately let you know about any special offers they have going on and will also show you some of their latest arrivals.

You can certainly dig deeply into the site to look for specific categories, or you can click links on the home page that will show you their “Stylish Picks,” their Top Selling items, or the rather diverse and lengthy list of New Arrivals.

Berrylook Features

Berrylook specializes in women’s clothing, though they do have a men’s section that has some 700 items for sale.  Still, with 5000+ items for women, the site is clearly targeting that demographic.

The site offers dresses, tops, shoes, swimwear, knitwear, outerwear, bottoms and accesories.

They have a lot of stuff in stock.  For instance:

  • Dresses – More than 1500 to choose from
  • Tops – More than 1500 to chose from
  • Shoes – More than 1500 to choose from
  • Swimwear – More than 400 to choose from
  • Knitwear – More than 600 to choose from
  • Outerwear (jackets, hoodies, etc.) – More than 800 to choose from
  • Bottoms – More than 75 items to choose from
  • Accessories (jewelry, purses, etc.) – More than 250 items to choose from

berrylook topsWithin each category, you can sort the hundreds (or thousands!) of items by price, by best-selling, by most-viewed, by color, or by size.

For sizes, Berrylook offers sizes that range from extra small (XS) to 6X.  The page for every item features a detailed sizing chart to show you exactly how each item measures.

This is a big help, as sizing from foreign manufacturers can often be a bit dicey.  Here, you get exact measurements for every size for sleeve length, bust measurement, overall length, etc., making it easy to determine which size is correct for you.

You’ll also get a look at all of the available colors for any particular item, and there are usually photos of the item from multiple angles and in multiple colors.

Each page also has a review section, so you can see what people who have previously purchased that particular item have to say about it.

Berrylook Pricing

The pricing at Berrylook is certainly going to be one of the main attractions – the clothing there is quite affordable.

Here are approximate price ranges for their prominent clothing categories:

  • Dresses – $8.95 – $35.95
  • Tops $6.95 – $32.95
  • Shoes $7.95 – $37.95
  • Swimwear $7.95 – $24.95

As you can see, these prices are quite tempting, especially when there are thousands of items from which to choose.

While many of the items on the site are on sale frequently, there’s also a “Flash Sale” section where certain items are offered at rock-bottom prices for only a limited time.

Berrylook Payment and Shipping

berrylookBerrylook has a fully secure site (https:) so you will be secure when making your payment.

They take all major credit cards though PayPal, and you do not have to have a PayPal account to make a purchase.

Shipping is free on orders over $69, though they frequently have discount codes on the home page that offers free shipping for smaller purchases.

They ship worldwide, and delivery to most locations takes 5-12 days.  Expedited shipping is available at an extra charge.

Berrylook Return Policy

One nice thing about Berrylook, especially when compared to some of the other fashion sites from Hong Kong or China, is their return policy.

Many sites have a strict no-return policy, which is understandable, given how inexpensive their prices are.  That’s no the case with Berrylook.

Berrylook has a 30 day return policy.  If you receive an item from them that isn’t as described, or doesn’t fit, you can contact them within 30 days and they’ll let you return it to them for either a refund or for exchange.

This is a nice policy and one that I wish all fashion sites had.  It can be difficult to make sure that you’re buying the right size, and it’s particularly annoying to buy something, have it arrive and not fit, and they not be able to return it. Even if it’s just a $10 dress, no one likes to buy something that they can’t use.

With Berrylook, that’s not a problem – you can order the items you like, and if they’re not right, they’ll fix it and make it right for you, even if it is a $10 dress.

I like that.

Berrylook Summary

There are lots of places to spend money online on clothing, and there are so many new ones coming along that I have a hard time keeping up.

I was impressed with Berrylook.  Their site is attractive, laid out well, and easy to navigate.  It loads quickly and it’s easy to find what you want in the color, size or price range that you need.

They have a huge selection of dresses, tops and shoes, with a larger-than-average selection of accessories and swimwear.  It won’t be hard to find something you like, and you might even find a bunch of things you like.

Their secure checkout and affordable shipping make it easy to make a purchase.

And best of all, they have a 30 day return policy, which makes Berrylook stand out among their competition.

If you’re a bargain shopper and you want to buy great-looking clothing at a terrific price, Berrylook is worth a visit.





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